Adobe Illustrator and InDesign for the iPad coming soon? Adobe asks for feedback

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I have been monitoring the Adobe blogs for a while and never have a seen a post generate so many comments and excitement than this one from Jack Nack:

If Adobe made an iPad app…

“…or apps for other tablets and/or smartphones, for that matter, what would you want it to be?Adobe Creative Suite is another app I would like to see (on the Apple iPad), but only Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. These four application makes mobile print production absolutely possible on the go, and provides the ability for company and clients to make print production on the fly, on the go...”


We reported last week that we should not count out the iPad just yet (iPad iFail). The iPhone should have provided us with a good lesson. And if I see these enthusiastic comments, then surely the iPad has an interesting future amongst creatives, a market many see as key for a launch of any Apple product.

Jack is quick to note, no promises, but from the feedback he received, I would imagine there will be a few meetings at ADBE soon! So printers, what iPad apps would you like to see? It is looking more and more like a great opportunity for both printers and print-buyers this iPad.

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Just as Apple with their Macintosh computers were the foundations of DTP or desktop publishing, now 25 years in the running; those very type of users, the creatives of today, may very well be the key to the iPad’s success. iSaidso or better said, iThink. (That whole “i” thing is a whole other post!) Remember to use Markzware FlightCheck to preflight your desktop publishing files for quality print output.

Title: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign for the iPad coming soon? Adobe asks for feedback
Published on: February 1, 2010
David Dilling

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