First Preflight then PDF

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Construction or laying out roads is similar to when you preflight, then create a PDFGraphic design for a new newspaper or yearbook publishing layout in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress or Microsoft Publisher. Yes, perhaps the costs and processes are different, but I would guess the percentage in terms of money is similar. Re-working costs time and money. First preflight, then PDF. I love analogies and here is one that was a perfect fit for FlightCheck or preflighting in the general:
Proofed print job: Rather pre-flight tell of fail than printer or client
Oops…New highway ramp too steep. To be torn down and rebuilt at Design firm’s expense.
An article titled, “New Hwy 178 ramp is ‘huge safety issue,’ $1 million mistake” says:

“The brand-new never-opened Fairfax Road offramp of westbound Highway 178 must be demolished and rebuilt because of a design flaw, the Bakersfield public works department confirmed Monday.”

“Design flaw.” Graphic designers have had it pretty good with printers really. Did you notice in the article that the “design firm” had to pay the nearly 1 million dollar fee to re-do it all? A good prepress department is worth it’s weight in gold really. (And gold is expensive these days!)

FlightCheck can preflight Adobe Acrobat PDF, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and many other prepress file types to ensure printing quality. Markzware FlightCheck, preflight software for prepress, is available online via the FlightCheck page. See more PDF compatible software on the Markzware Products page.

What is your favorite preflight analogy? Comment below.

First Preflight then PDF

Title: First Preflight then PDF
Published on: November 23, 2009
David Dilling

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