Collect Illustrator Links with FlightCheck, InDesign Cannot

Collect Illustrator Links with FlightCheck, InDesign Cannot

FlightCheck can Package Illustrator Links used in Placed Files within InDesign CS5 and Lower

FlightCheck 7 is now out, with Adobe CC and lower support for Illustrator,
InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and resulting PDFs.

That’s right, FlightCheck can collect files and package Illustrator links, when the Package function cannot in:

Not only will FlightCheck preflight Illustrator and report on linked images within other placed graphics, such as .AI or .EPS artwork files, but it will also package fonts and images used in Adobe Illustrator. This file collection is not only of parts used in the .INDD layout, but ALSO within the linked elements, but not embedded, within the placed images. Watch:

Does InDesign Package collect Illustrator links? FlightCheck does.

Note: FlightCheck can also collect and package InDesign, Photoshop, PDF, QuarkXPress and more native layout files, as well as package Illustrator. (That’s just to name some of the supported file formats that Markzware can pre-flight and package, as well as help you fix.) If you want to preflight Illustrator, FlightCheck is a very valuable tool.

Do you preflight Illustrator or package Illustrator? Get FlightCheck today and you, too, can start preflighting to avoid printing problems.

Package Illustrator links used in Adobe InDesign CS!

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