Learn How To Package Print Job Files,
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Markzware FlightCheck 2022!

FlightCheck’s Package Feature

The New “Package” capability in the FlightCheck® preflight application is a popular feature. That’s because it provides you the ability to collect all elements of your document, which includes all images and fonts. This function can add page previews and reports to the package. You also have the option of compressing the packaged job into a single ZIP archive.

The Package Feature allows you to enable or disable packaging for the file you are preflighting. Selecting the “Open Package” option supports applications that are compatible with ZIP archives.

Create An IDML For Packaging

A special bonus is the ability to enable the IDML checkbox. That’s because Markzware’s file conversion application, IDMarkz, is included in the full version of FlightCheck. IDMarkz creates IDML files for InDesign.

Package Images, Fonts, And Previews

FlightCheck will collect all of the images in your document. It can then package those images, along with all of the fonts and more.

One of the benefits that FlightCheck offers is that fonts do not even need to be active, in order for FlightCheck to see them. Naturally, if you would like to edit a document for which FlightCheck found inactive fonts, you must activate those fonts, in order to make the edits.

The “Packaging Page Previews” feature allows you to create a preview of every page in your entire document, as either a PDF or GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF. You can select one or all of these Page Preview file types for output that you would like to collect.

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Preflight Reports Included In The Package

Reports available from FlightCheck can be output as HTML, JSON, RTF, TXT, or XML formats. There are three reports that FlightCheck can generate and package for you:

1. Preflight Report – This report contains the information shown in Preflight Mode View.

2. Inventory Report – This report is what you see in the Inventory Mode View.

3. Packaging Report – This report shows what was packaged with your job.

Get Document, Report, And Page Preview Summaries

The “Package Detail” area will provide you with an overview of what is in your packaged job. This vital information consists of Document, Report, and Page Preview Summaries. After using the “Package” feature in FlightCheck, your document can be easily handed off to the next person in the workflow.

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Video: FlightCheck 2022 Package Feature – Overview

This video tutorial shows how to package your DTP page layouts, via
the Package feature in Markzware’s FlightCheck 2022. This stand-alone
preflighting application ensures quality print-ready documents for printing,
publishing, and graphic arts workflows. FlightCheck will preview, inspect,
preflight, report on, and package Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress,
PDF, and other graphic design files, whether for print or online use.

Package Print Job Images, Fonts, Page Previews & Reports, With FlightCheck

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