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Preflight Layout Files

FlightCheck® is a stand-alone application to preview, preflight, report on, and package desktop publishing files for printing, publishing, graphic arts, and archiving. Users include graphic designers and prepress operators who are responsible for ensuring quality control for digital PDF, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and other documents.

How To Start Up FlightCheck

1. Download FlightCheck.
2. Install FlightCheck.
(download the .dmg file, double-click the .dmg and then drag-and-drop the FlightCheck application into your Applications folder).
3. Activate FlightCheck.
4. Register FlightCheck.
5. Drag a file onto the window
(or use Command-O), to open a file.

For more information about FlightCheck, click here.

couldn’t work without FlightCheck!”

– Terri Wright, Owner/Principal at Book Lotus Productions &
Production Director at Workbook Creative (

Using FlightCheck to Begin Preflighting

You can start the preflight process, by dragging and dropping your file(s) onto the FlightCheck interface. FlightCheck will immediately display Previews of the pages in the document(s). What’s amazing is that there’s no need for the native or host applications.

FlightCheck Takes You To The Problem, For Fixing

FlightCheck enables navigation, directly to the location of an issue. You can decide whether to address the issue, now, within the native application, or to edit the PDF of the document within Acrobat, or other options.

FlightCheck includes IDMarkz, Markzware’s Adobe InDesign converter, at no cost. When packaging the Adobe InDesign jobs, IDMarkz will create an IDML file.

FlightCheck also works seamlessly with other Markzware products, such as PDFMarkz, QXPMarkz, or OmniMarkz (which is a combination of IDMarkz, PDFMarkz, and QXPMarkz). So, you can create an IDML file for import into QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, and other applications that support IDML!

FlightCheck is the essential
preflight tool for digital print and
publishing professionals, including:

creative designers
customer service reps
graphics professionals
prepress departments
print shops.

– QBS Software (

Purchasing And Availability

FlightCheck is available as a:
Subscription for only $249, or as a
Free, 30-day, fully-functional Demo, which
you can download, now, by clicking here!

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FlightCheck Quick Start Guide: Start Up To Preflight Layout Files Before Output (FlightCheck Journey 1)

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FlightCheck Ground Controls: Preflight Publishing Files For Output (FlightCheck Journey)

Do You Know If Your Files Have Type 1 Fonts & Pantone Colors? Learn More: Markzware FlightCheck

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Video: FlightCheck Quick Start Guide

Markzware FlightCheck Quick Start Guide Video Thumbnail

In this video, Markzware provides a guide on how to start using FlightCheck. You can learn
how to set Ground Controls (Preflight Profiles), Preflight, view Previews (soft proofs), select
Preflight/Inventory/Results Modes. We show you how to view Reports, go to document
errors, edit in Acrobat, InDesign, or Pitstop, package all job files, create IDMLs, and more.

FlightCheck Quick Start Guide: Start Up To Preflight Layout Files Before Output

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