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Preflighting Pre-press Print Files

As you begin your experience in your preflight journey, Markzware is happy to offer this preflighting start-up guide. Preflighting involves several stages, including previewing, inspecting, then analyzing your digital job files, to identify and correct potential problems before the files are output, with the intention of catching potential problems, as early as possible

Printers borrowed the term “preflight” from the procedure pilots use before taking off. The plane analogy is appropriate, because civil air flights are what inspired the term pre-flighting, in the first place. Pilots have a checklist to go over, to make sure that their plane is ready to fly.

Similarly, printers have adopted a checklist to review, before sending a file to the printer. Just as in air travel, proper preflighting can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth, successful outcome for your project. Proper preflight procedures not only reduce your prepress costs, but also make sure your job is accurately output, within your turnaround time.

FlightCheck® is a program that implements this process electronically. This standalone application for the macOS can preflight, preview, report on, and package documents of many file types into a job folder. These file types include Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDF (such as Canva, Word, and CorelDraw), and Adobe Illustrator files, without having to have these applications loaded on your computer.

Ground Controls

The heartbeat of FlightCheck is the “Ground Controls” settings. These are checks for specific traits or conditions that may exist within a document. There are presets that can help to get you started very quickly. FlightCheck offers Ground Controls, which you can toggle on or off, for your various workflows.

In FlightCheck Ground Controls, there are a series of toggle switches that are in one of three states:
1. Ignore – This tells FlightCheck you are not interested in this trait.
2. Warning – You’ll find this important, but it is not a show stopper and your job can still be processed OK.
3. Error – You’ll find this very important and it needs to be fixed now, before the job moves any further down the workflow.

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How To Start The Preflight Process With FlightCheck

The preflight process with FlightCheck starts with simply dragging and dropping your files onto the FlightCheck interface. You will immediately notice that an innovative feature offered in FlightCheck is the Document Preview of the file(s). This is done without the need for any native or host applications. There are two main modes: The Inventory Mode and Preflight Mode.

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“So, I gave a paper at a conference called, ‘Color Connections,’ where I said, ‘What we need is something called … preflight.

Here’s Markzware with a preflight tool.
I said, ‘Wow! That’s pretty cool!”

– Chuck Weger, Principle at Elara Concepts LLC,
who coined the term “preflight”

Go Directly To The Problem And Fix Through FlightCheck

Another feature in FlightCheck gives you the ability to navigate within the Preview, taking you directly to specific problem areas. Through FlightCheck, you can now choose to immediately fix the problem, in InDesign, or to edit your PDFs, directly within Adobe Acrobat, even using Enfocus PitStop (if installed), to edit PDF files.

Preflight Reports And Package Feature

Preflight Reports available within FlightCheck provide you with the ability to output and share in not only HTML, but also JSON, RTF, TXT or XML formats.

Another powerful and requested feature allows you to package your file. FlightCheck will gather all your fonts and images together and include them in a separate job folder, even compressing it, which makes it easy to hand off to the next person in the workflow.

Preflight PDF And Desktop Publishing Files, Today, With Markzware FlightCheck

“Prior to upgrading to Mac OS Catalina, I’d used your software faithfully for about 17 years. It is great to see it available again! Functionality is easy to navigate, and the new look is a great update on the original!”

– Terry Davis, Marketing Analyst,
Athletica Sport Systems, athletica.com

FlightCheck comes standard with Markzware’s file conversion product, IDMarkz. This means that, as part of the Package feature, it will create an IDML file for Adobe InDesign files.

Moreover, if you have Markzware’s Markz line products, such as QXPMarkz, PDFMarkz, or OmniMarkz (which is a combination of the three other Markz-line products), you can create an IDML file(s) for QuarkXPress, Illustrator, or PDF! Learn more about Markzware’s in-depth information on preflighting with FlightCheck, by downloading this video tutorial.

Purchasing And Availability

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Video: FlightCheck Quick Start Guide

Markzware FlightCheck Quick Start Guide Video Thumbnail

This FlightCheck quick start guide shows how to set Ground Controls (Preflight Profiles), start Preflighting, view Previews (soft proofs), select Preflight/Inventory/Results Modes. Learn preflight basics, view Reports, locate document errors, edit in InDesign/Acrobat/Pitstop, package DTP files, create IDML files & more.

FlightCheck Quick Start Guide: How To Start Preflighting Pre-Press Print Files

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