FlightCheck Preflight Multiple Documents, Package Multiple Documents

FlightCheck Preflight Multiple Documents, Package Multiple Documents

Preflight multiple documents and package multiple documents in the print workflow with Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution for print quality control. Check InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite, package Illustrator, and much more:

Preflighting with FlightCheck is a very important step to avoid printing problems and ensure print quality control in the print workflow. FlightCheck is thorough pre press software from Markzware, publisher of fine printing solutions for printers, publishers, graphic designers, and creative professionals who use graphic software in today’s fast-moving print workflow. This robust preflight solution can preflight and package multiple documents, as well as collect files into a single folder, without collecting the same links multiple times.

Since FlightCheck allows users to package InDesign or package Illustrator files in multiple documents with the same linked images, valuable production time and money can be saved. FlightCheck preflighting is the recommended preflight solution to package Illustrator when you preflight multiple documents. Customize how you check InDesign CS6 for image resolution or package InDesign, when you package multiple documents:

Package Illustrator Files, Package InDesign Files and more with FlightCheck
Collect and Package Illustrator Files with Markzware FlightCheck
Markzware FlightCheck pre-press software can
check Adobe Creative Suite and many DTP file types 

FlightCheck’s Collect Window allows you to customize the way you collect and package files with several collect options and file classes. Preflight InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, or other native files, and package fonts with FlightCheck. FlightCheck’s Job Info shows the number of collect files and the total uncompressed job size. Easily collect files of fonts and images with FlightCheck’s user-friendly Collect menu.

FlightCheck can also compare native files when you preflight multiple documents. Each Overview Window in FlightCheck reports on a Top Level document, so when you preflight multiple documents, you will see multiple Overview Windows and a Results Window with plenty of helpful details. How to preflight Illustrator and package Illustrator and other file types with FlightCheck to help create products of the best printing quality:

Check InDesign CS6 with FlightCheck Preflight Solution

Markzware FlightCheck for top printing quality

In the FlightCheck Preflight Menu, select “Preflight Document” to recheck any open documents when you select Preflight Document. “Launch Document” to launch the latest version of your current open document’s native application. When you preflight multiple documents, FlightCheck launches the native application for the document in the foremost Overview Window, if your computer has access to the native application.

FlightCheck enables you to preflight and package multiple documents, including to preflight Illustrator or package Illustrator. To purchase FlightCheck, the preflight solution to assure printing quality, please visit the FlightCheck page. For more printing solutions, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Get Markzware preflighting and printing solutions, including FlightCheck pre-press software for print quality control. Preflight and package multiple documents! 

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