InDesign CS5 Bug Workaround - FlightCheck

InDesign CS5 Bug Workaround – FlightCheck

Bug workaround for InDesign CS5 Live Preflight, to avoid exporting a bug:

Adobe InDesign CS5 preflight bug got you grounded? (See Live Preflight Bug below.) Can’t export to PDF from an Adobe CS5 software project? Turn to the industry de-facto standard for preflighting, FlightCheck. Markzware’s preflight solution offers support for:

  • InDesign CS5 and lower
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Acrobat
  • PDF and non-PDF
  • QuarkXPress
  • and many other file formats you should be checking before exporting.

Disable Preflight for InDesign CS5 per Bob Levine, The InDesign Guy— — —         — — —         — — —
Background export to PDF hanging in #InDesign CS5? Cause is PSD files crossing spine. Workaround: Disable preflight before exporting.

— — —         — — —         — — —

Whether you use Adobe CS5 software or another format supported by FlightCheck, if you have to disable the inflight preflight check that InDesign offers, by all means, get FlightCheck. See for yourself why prepress professionals and graphic designers alike use this patented preflight app to check, package and compress their Adobe CS5 software print-work and online projects. Besides the fact that FlightCheck preflights a wider range of file formats such as Adobe CS Design, there are more reasons why InDesign users choose FlightCheck.

I understand Bob’s purpose here, to help people to be able to export their content within the Adobe CS5 layout to export to PDF – great tweet from him to help people out. Understandable, and if anyone understands the importance of preflighting, it is Bob Levine, The InDesign Guy!

Disable Adobe InDesign Live Preflight? To free your content, yes. Yet you never need to walk alone, with Markzware FlightCheck, the Adobe CS5 software compatible preflighting solution. Disable preflightnever! You can use FlightCheck for all of your preflighting needs…

InDesign CS5 Bug Workaround – FlightCheck

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