Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Print Preferences

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Markzware‘s preflight solution, FlightCheck, allows users to customize print preferences. FlightCheck’s print preferences area allows you to control the appearance of reports printed out of FlightCheck. This area has presets and allows manual adjustments to be made:

Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Print Preferences

You can access FlightCheck’s print preferences via the Preferences section, under the Print tab. The Print tab allows you access to the Presets area and the Manual Adjustments area.

The Presets area is a drop down menu with five selections:

  1. User Defined – Make manual adjustment of the print parameters to create a setting that fits your needs.
  2. Small (Portrait) – Designed to print on portrait oriented paper and has very small type and icons.
  3. Small (Landscape) – Designed to print a report with small text and icons in landscape mode.
  4. Medium (Landscape) – Designed to print a report with medium text and icons in landscape mode. This is the most readable report.
  5. Large (Landscape) – Designed to print a report with large text and icons in landscape mode. The text and icons begin to overlap in this setting.

Page Setup…  – The Page Setup button allows you to quickly change the orientation of your printed page with out having to exit and go to the File > Page Setup menu. You must manually change the page orientation for document output to print using Landscape or Portrait style.
Markzware FlightCheck Print PreferencesManual Adjustments
The manual adjustments area allows you to tweak settings to best fit your needs. The following are available for adjustment:

  • Font Size – This is a manual entry field and you must type in the size of the font you want to use. Usually 10-14 is a good range. The size represents the Point size of the font before the report scaling and Page Orientation have been applied.
  • Font Name – This is a popup menu that allows you to select from active fonts on your System.
  • Output Resolution – This is like a scaling factor applied to the paper width and the larger the value the larger items appear on the page. This works in relation with the Icon Width parameter.
  • Icon Width – This controls the size of the icons (mainly used when printing the Overview Window report). Large icon sizes are unreadable and icons will overlap each other. Setting this higher than 120% usually creates icons that overlap each other. If you find that your print is too small, try changing your page orientation.

For more information on Markzware’s pre press software to check digital files for print quality control, see the FlightCheck page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) and printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Print Preferences

Title: Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Print Preferences
Published on: December 9, 2014
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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