Nikola Tesla: the new hype in product branding

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Product Branding. Something many of you have to tackle daily in your creative life. That is just one reason why I found this so interesting. The headline read on this main stream article about a long obscure genius:

Long-Dead Inventor Nikola Tesla Is Electrifying Hip Techies

His Name Is Branding Magic;

Source: Wall Street Journal (online)

Inventor, Nikola Tesla and Product Branding
Nikola Tesla is an interesting figure to read up on. Patrick Marchese, CEO of Markzware turned many on to him years ago. The number of inventions (300 Tesla patents) he held is just incredible, if not the nature of them.

Many in design and marketing are using his name more and more in product branding, which is interesting. (This includes entire companies, such as Tesla Motors who offers an electric car. They just filed with the SEC for an IPO or Initial Public Offering on the stock markets). Perhaps it tells us more about the mindset of humanity, than anything else.

Tesla is well known for “The Tesla Coil” which had the promise of FREE energy from plain ether or the air that you are inhaling as you read this. He also discovered and invented AC or alternating current which is all so vital in the invention and safe use of electricity. Yet the man has been a popular alternative figure on the Internet for years. Society wrote him off as crazy. This may have been due to his sloppy documentation, yet wild, bizarre and brilliant ideas. These include patents and inventions surrounding:

  • wireless communication (well before the cell phone)
  • wireless transmission of power
  • a force-field like structure to protect from air attacks
  • the ability to transfer a virus from one spot on earth to another via nothing more than thin air
  • teletransportation (involving time travel and his participation in the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment“)

The use of Tesla in company, service, and product branding has, in fact, increased. This shows us that the populace is more and more into so-called alternative news or into getting to the bottom of it all; the true facts.

Without the power of publishing and the Internet, it is likely we would have heard of Edison; Tesla would have  been obscure at best. Read: Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison: The Genius and the Jerk and you’ll see what I mean. Apart from perhaps a brief mention of the Tesla coil. why did we not learn about Tesla in school? (Who invented the light bulb in the history books?)

Product branding is ALL about who your company is. Thus, those adopting Tesla into their brands are also proclaiming genius and, in my mind, truth.

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Tesla Photoelectric Effect and Patent

Title: Nikola Tesla: the new hype in product branding
Published on: January 14, 2010
David Dilling

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