Package Fonts in Adobe Photoshop

Package Fonts in Adobe Photoshop

Package Fonts in Adobe Photoshop –
a How To Tutorial on FlightCheck

How to Collect fonts in Adobe Photoshop. Hi everybody, David Dilling from Markzware here. Today’s quick tip is How to package Adobe Photoshop, or how to collect fonts in Adobe Photoshop files. That’s right, Markzware FlightCheck can preflight and package Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CS5.5.

With Markzware’s FlightCheck, you can easily package Photoshop files or collect fonts in Adobe Photoshop, with all of your fonts, images and the .PSD Photoshop file itself copied into one folder, even compressed, so that you can easily send it to the next graphic designer or printer in your creative workflow. So, let’s go watch a demo on how Markzware’s FlightCheck can package or collect Adobe Photoshop files with all fonts:

Here, we see our little test file or image within Adobe Photoshop. FlightCheck will collect files in not only CS5.5, but also CS4, CS3 or lower Adobe Creative Suite documents. We have used different types of fonts. We have the Eurostyle Condensed over here, and here we have Impact Regular typeface, and just below that, we have Gill Sans MT Bold and BoldItalic. We are now going to save this as a .PSD native photoshop file and see how FlightCheck can collect all fonts, images and a copy of the native PSD file into a desired folder. Alright, let’s go check that out and see how it works in FlightCheck.

To download the FlightCheck demo for Mac, it is really easy. You just go to, and under “Products” you select, “FlightCheck”. Well, you do not even need to select that, just hover over that word and choose FlightCheck Demo. Just click here to get the FlightCheck demo now. You will notice it does show a nominal fee on checkout in the Markzware web shop, which is deducted, so you pay nothing and do not need to leave any credit card details. Just hit Checkout and you can get the Free 30-day demo of FlightCheck, it’s that easy. After you fill in the form, you will get an email with your FlightCheck License Code, it will pop-up in your browser screen, like you see here. Copy that License code and you can then later paste that in the FlightCheck Activation windows. Click here to buy FlightCheck for Mac. Once you decompress your download, you’ll see the FlightCheck folder in your downloads folder or wherever you choose to download your files.

To collect fonts in Photoshop, you first have to preflight the art file. To get started using this preflight application, simply click the FlightCheck icon. FlightCheck v6.80 is our latest version with QuarkXPress 9, Lion Mac OS 10.7 and Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 support! In the FlightCheck licensing, simply paste in the License code we just had. At the very end of the licensing process, it is very important to select “Finished” (after agreeing to everything else asked).
Markzware FlightCheck Fonts Preferences dealing with Active FontsOnce inside the FlightCheck application for preflighting and packaging, you can set-up the Ground Controls (Preflight Profiles) and make various sets of checks to preflight your DTP files. InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDF, but also your Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, which is very important for quality control in your graphic designs.

Now we do a File->Open in FlightCheck and navigate to that test Photoshop file, select it, and FlightCheck does a preflight check and processes the file in seconds for us. You will see we get a preflight overview of potential problems we asked to check for. You see we have placed or used an RGB image, and we have some non-CMYK PANTONE ™ colors that are used in this native Photoshop file. You see in the main Flightcheck window that we get an overview of everything used within this file, like an x-ray. File Info, Page list and, of course, all of the technical details on your colors, fonts and images used within the Adobe Photoshop file. We get a preview of the Photoshop file, the exact fonts or typefaces used, and we can even launch that .PSD file right up in Photoshop from within FlightCheck – very handy.

How do we gather all of those fonts used in the Photoshop file, without manually finding and collecting them and manually copying the .PSD file into a new folder? Well, that is up here in FlightCheck, under “Collect.” In the Adobe world, it is often called Package, which of course also means collect files for your job with all of your fonts and images.

Just select “Collect Job” and you will get this Package overview. Now the Collect Job or Package Job window is not the most beautiful window in FlightCheck’s interface, but it is highly effective and useful. You see we can choose the destination of the packaged archive and we can give it a unique name. We can, not only collect files for all fonts, images and the native Photoshop file into a new folder, we can also compress the job as well! We can see a file count of how many files will be in the archive and the size it will be – very handy for emailing to the next graphic designer in the workflow.

Here we get a complete list of all of the elements, fonts, images and files, FlightCheck can collect files or Package up for you in this root-level files case. All collectable file classes. Everything that will be packaged from this Photoshop file. The Photoshop document, the font files, the font suitcases, the Type 1 fonts, and even a preflight report in text format! With that preflight data, the next Photoshop designer can quickly see that the image is in RGB and change that, if it is for print.

Down below in this window, we get even more details on from where FlightCheck is going to copy these job elements. That is right, FlightCheck automatically copies the fonts, images and native document, so that the originals stay in place. With features to package and collect files, FlightCheck will allow you to collect files in your Photoshop, Illustrator and also InDesign!

To package fonts in Photoshop, you simply select “Collect” in FlightCheck. This also, of course, means Package, and off it goes. You get the FlightCheck sound, telling us everything Packaged or collected ok, and your Photoshop artwork with fonts is compressed in a new folder. OK, so let’s go check it out.

On our HD, we see the name of the packaged file, with the name we just gave it in FlightCheck, and if we decompress that, we see the new folder. In that folder, we will get a report, that preflight report we just discussed. We will get a copy of the native Photoshop, or .PSD, image AND all of the fonts used in that Photoshop job! It was that quick, it was that easy, to package fonts in Photoshop with FlightCheck from Markzware.

So, there is no need to manually go through your computer and find all of those fonts used in your Photoshop or .PSD files; just use Markzware’s FlightCheck to quickly and easily “Package” all of the fonts used within your Photoshop file. Furthermore, you can also get a full, complete preflight quality assurance check of your Photoshop file. Plus, FlightCheck will preflight and package all of the other Adobe Creative Suite file formats you likely use, plus many other DTP (desktop publishing) layouts and image formats.

Package Photoshop fonts with FlightCheck! If you want to try FlightCheck for yourself, we have a free 30-day version on our web page. Click here to see how you can download this app and see for yourself how easy it is, designers and prepress operators, how easy it is to package and preflight Adobe Photoshop files, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, PDF, pretty much you name it. Any graphic file you need to output, to print or to a web page, FlightCheck will check it for you. Thank you once again, David Dilling, signing off on behalf of Markzware (Markzware theme song snipplet plays.) This has been how to collect fonts in Photoshop!

Package Fonts in Adobe Photoshop

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