Pre Press Software: Check Documents for File Problems before Printing

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Markzware’s pre press software, FlightCheck can check documents for file problems before printing:

File Problems
Publishers need to address print quality control during prepress, before complex documents go to press. At the heart of the print document workflow, creative prepress has become the go-to department. Despite manual checks in the print workflow, there is much that can go wrong.

How do you know that incoming desktop publishing (DTP) files are acceptable to print? Preflighting can help you to ensure that your prepress document does not cause printing problems. It can make the difference between a smooth, efficient print run and a print result that falls short.

Pre Press Software
Is there a time-saving way to ensure print quality for your prepress documents? Markzware‘s preflight solution, FlightCheck, ensures print qualityFlightCheck is patented pre press software that sets the preflight standard for print quality control.

FlightCheck can preflight documents for both PDF and non-PDF print workflows. Check out this video demonstration of preflighting with FlightCheck:

Pre Press Software: Check Documents for
File Problems before Printing

FlightCheck can check InDesign CC, to find errors before you print.

Check Your Documents Before Printing
You can use default or customize preflight options in FlightCheck for print quality checks. FlightCheck can also give users a good idea of which items may need correction before press time.

This prepress solution is easy to integrate and provides a high return on investment. FlightCheck can even package fonts and print files into one folder for sharing to coordinate on projects.

Marketers can include preflighting in their prepress process, to make sure their project makes a good impression. After preflighting with FlightCheck, your prepress document should be print-ready.

File problems can cost you extra time and money to correct. Save on these additional prepress costs, by using FlightCheck! FlightCheck delivers optimum preflighting to help you meet customer’s print demands.

FlightCheck Pre Press Software Can
Check Documents for File Problems before Printing:
Markzware FlightCheck Results Window Showing Results ErrorMarkzware‘s FlightCheck can preflight many versions of document types, including:

  • AI
  • CDR
  • DOC
  • FH
  • INDD
  • MIF
  • PDF
  • PMD
  • PPT
  • PS
  • PSD
  • PUB
  • QXP

FlightCheck‘s interface is pretty straightforward. To use this thorough prepress application:

  • Install and activate FlightCheck preflight software.
  • Click on your preferred checkboxes in FlightCheck’s Preferences and Ground Controls. (These give FlightCheck details on items to check.)
  • Set Ground Control items to Off, Warning, or Error, depending on the needs of your print workflow.
  • Drag and drop your file onto the FlightCheck icon to begin the preflighting process.
  • FlightCheck will alert you to the potential printing problems that you specified.

Adopt the latest preflight software features and print quality processes. FlightCheck supports multiple languages, including English, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.
flightcheck-logoFor more information on Markzware‘s pre press software to check digital files for print quality control, see the FlightCheck page. For more DTP and printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

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Pre Press Software: Check Documents for File Problems before Printing

Title: Pre Press Software: Check Documents for File Problems before Printing
Published on: May 29, 2015
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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