Preflight in your PDF Toolbox?

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Markzware is the inventor of FlightCheck. This preflight technology can check PDF and other file types for print quality control before document output. Markzware noticed this item on PDF preflight:

“Callas software has released pdfToolbox 4 and pdfToolbox Server 4, the latest version of its PDF preflighting and automated correction tools. The updates are fully compliant with the latest Ghent PDF Workgroup standards. The server version can be used for fully-automated PDF correction, page manipulation, presentation preparation or imposition.” Source

Is this PDF preflight or is it postflight? I guess it depends on which end of the print workflow you are on. We feel that preflighting native files with FlightCheck is the way to go. FlightCheck can catch printing errors before they happen. This saves materials, time and money – not to mention reprinting.

PDF preflight with preflight solution, Markzware FlightCheck

FlightCheck provides thorough print quality control for your PDF preflight workflow. This is an important step during prepress before printing. You can buy Markzware’s pre press software via the FlightCheck page. See more solutions for your PDF toolbox on the Markzware Products page.

Preflight in your PDF Toolbox?

Title: Preflight in your PDF Toolbox?
Published on: December 11, 2008
David Dilling

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