Print Is Not Dead. If You Preflight.

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Print is not dead, if you preflight. However, 70% of PDFs and files for print have job-stopping errors, costing millions in reproduction:

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility”
– W. Edwards Deming

Would an airplane pilot ever take-off without performing a preflight check? The answer is “no.” Then, why would you drop your PDFs into your print workflow without performing a thorough preflight? Thousands of Markzware customers rely on FlightCheck every day to check their PDF or source print files, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or QuarkXPress before document output (print or create PDF)/send off. Whether it is an open file type or a PDF, FlightCheck will not only check for the Top Ten preflight problems but will scan your documents for literally hundreds of potential, costly printing problems. Best of all, encourage the use of FlightCheck throughout your extended workflow, as a PDF is only as good as the source or native files it is created from!

Whether it is hairlines or RGB colors, image compression or ink density of your PDF, FlightCheck will let you know. Stop the “Top-Ten Preflight Problems” today and start saving more!
GATF's Top Ten Preflight Problems ListLast, before you add FlightCheck to your basket for only 399 per copy (normally 499!), I wanted to share a great interview from a customer at the recent Print 09 trade show about why he uses FlightCheck Professional on both native (Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, etc) and PDF print jobs:

So, whether you print custom envelopes (do custom envelope printing) or do large digital printing, you should consider using FlightCheck to preflight your files before printing. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Print Is Not Dead. If You Preflight.

Title: Print Is Not Dead. If You Preflight.
Published on: November 6, 2009
David Dilling

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