Print Service Provider and the Communications Consultant

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A Print Service Provider differs from a Communications Consultant. Generally speaking, one prints ink on paper and the other provides a full range of Internet services to offer other avenues of output for one’s print content, marketing pieces, publications, and art-work of all sorts. The term consultant means, “a person who gives professional or expert advice”. [Source] Thus, perhaps, time for more and more printers to get into marketing and especially Internet marketing, which is just another form of output with all the workflow snags and thus opportunities. Preflighting is an important part of this print workflow.

FlightCheck, the preflighting solution from Markzware, makes the printing workflow easier. It makes it a snap for both print providers and consultants to check files and ensure print quality. FlightCheck can help to catch potential printing errors, before the project is printed.

Markzware, the developer of FlightCheck for preflighting, saw an interesting piece in which WhatTheyThink mentioned a new campaign for print in America. The author was quite upset that they missed the mark with their ads, waving the old, traditional print flag. When they could have, should have, put their arm around the WWW. Here was part of my comment there:

“Print needs to embrace the Internet and all the communication possibilities it can offer.”

Markzware, the expert in preflighting, considered how a “Print Service Provider” could be connected to a “Communications Consultant.” This consultant likely works at a print shop and helps customers find the best avenues for their desktop publishing content, whether via a printed piece, HTML web page, Blog, iPhone, Nokia, iPad or Google device. Furthermore, it may involve creating non-DTP content and distributing that content. This distribution may be via social media or other new media forms and have seemingly nothing to do with printing.

Twitter, FaceBook and the likes are a giant marketing lab. Use it to find out what works and you may find customers for your printing services or needs. You are welcome to visit Markzware on Twitter and Markzware on Facebook.

Also, remember to check documents for print quality control with FlightCheck, before document output. This stand-alone application for preflighting can prevent printing problems before output. You can get FlightCheck on the Markzware website, via the FlightCheck page.

Print Service Provider and the Communications Consultant

Title: Print Service Provider and the Communications Consultant
Published on: March 3, 2010
David Dilling

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