IDMarkz for macOS and InDesign files

InDesign Interchange for
InDesign users and viewers alike

Many of us work with graphic designers, layout artists and advertising professionals. They often all use Adobe InDesign, part of the Creative Cloud bundle, in which it is available. Not all of us in marketing, management or sales have the budget, nor know-how, to also use Adobe Creative Cloud. So, it may seem like we don’t have access to InDesign.

That is where Markzware‘s IDMarkz enters. It allows anyone on the macOS to freely (as in also free of cost) view or preview Adobe InDesign .indd files!

Get high resolution previews of proprietary InDesign files for FREE, via IDMarkz!

Now, for those that want a bit more, you can pony-up (that’s slang for “pay”) a little extra and get some amazing pro features for InDesign users and marketing people, alike, such as the ability – and marketers without the InDesign application will love this – to export any given page as a PNG or PDF and share that. There are even ways to automate the sharing from IDMarkz to social media!

A marketing departments dream – IDMarkz for sharing InDesign files as another file format!

Export InDesign to Other Formats

For the professional graphic designers out there, there’s more. Export your entire file as a PDF or individual pages as PNG’s or JPEG’s. And our most popular feature will now open in other design applications! Many designers are dabbling with other DTP (desktop publishing) apps. IDMarkz makes that easier! InDesign to Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, Acrobat, and even Illustrator. All with a click …

Several “Open in” features are possible in IDMarkz!
Affinity Publisher is the most used!

You can of course, like Markztools2, which IDMarkz replaced, also export to IDML. Stand alone, mind you, so very handy to have in your InDesign tool-box. Exporting to IDML helps clean flaky files and is a great way to archive and share InDesign files with other professional users. You can also export to PDF; all without the need for the InDesign program!

Export .indd files to .idml without the need for Creative Cloud nor InDesign!

Marketing professionals and InDesign users alike, that’s IDMarkz by Markzware. There is so much more you can do with IDMarkz. Check out our video tutorials here. And for sure you’ll want to watch the video testimonials from IDMarkz users!

IDMarkz for InDesign files

Buy IDMarkz for InDesign users & viewers

You can buy Markzware’s low-cost IDMarkz Mac Subscription, which includes IDMarkz updates, throughout your 12-month subscription term. For more information, please visit the IDMarkz page. Additional Markzware products for publishing, printing, and graphic design workflows are available, via the Products page.

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IDMarkz for macOS and InDesign files

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