IDMarkz Tutorials and Guides

InDesign to Illustrator

Duration 01:30. InDesign to Illustrator: How to convert Adobe InDesign to Illustrator with a click via Markzware IDMarkz macOS app. Convert files from indd to ai, ID to Illustrator!

Preview InDesign Documents

Duration 2:04. Preview InDesign Documents: IDMarkz, Adobe InDesign file hub, creates InDesign file previews. Document Inspector shows file details. Video.

Open in Affinity Publisher

Duration 01:26. Open InDesign in Affinity Publisher, via IDMarkz: With a button click, convert Adobe InDesign files & open in Affinity Publisher. See video.

Open in QuarkXPress

Duration 01:13. Open In QuarkXPress w/ IDMarkz: Convert Adobe InDesign files to QuarkXPress. Open InDesign files in QuarkXPress. See Markzware how-to video.

Open in Acrobat and Annotate

Duration 02:15. Open InDesign In Acrobat & Annotate w/ IDMarkz: Convert Adobe InDesign files to PDF, open in Acrobat, Annotate, open INDD in Acrobat. Video.

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