Corrupted InDesign Error Codes: MarkzTools InDesign File Recovery

Markzware File Recovery Service User, Kristen Kenny of ON Magazine
What happens when you’re ready to send your magazine to press before deadline, and all of a sudden, you see Adobe CS5 Error 5, a corrupt InDesign font creates havoc, or other obstacle leaves you with a corrupted InDesign document?

After searching on the Internet to find ways to recover InDesign from the corrupted InDesign file, Kristen Kenny, creative director and graphic designer for ON Magazine, discovered the Markzware File Recovery Service. Kenny explains, “I found out about Markzware corrupt InDesign file recovery by frantically searching to find ways of fixing my corrupt file. This service saved me from working the entire weekend (at least 20 hours). I would have had to design the magazine all over again, and we go to press on Monday!”

Who would want to work on a weekend when you don’t have to? Fortunately, Kenny didn’t have to, thanks to the Markzware file recovery service. “The investment was SO worth it, and I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who finds themselves with a corrupted InDesign file. The turnaround was way faster than I anticipated. The quality was good, I did notice some images were missing and I had to reformat some column widths, but I didn’t have to start over and these were quick fixes.”

Got an InDesign error message resulting from a bad InDesign document? Follow the Markzware File Recovery Service procedures and rest assured.

Markzware’s file recovery service can help you with InDesign error codes such as:

  • error code 4
  • error code 5
  • error code 6
  • bad file format -39
  • cannot open file
  • and other InDesign error messages

You only pay if we successfully recover your document. Just fill out a file recovery form and submit your corrupt InDesign file. We will notify you of our progress rather quickly. We understand deadlines and can help to recover InDesign from a bad file, including one with InDesign error code 4.

Title: Corrupted InDesign Error Codes: MarkzTools InDesign File Recovery
Published on: August 22, 2011
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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