Fix Corrupt InDesign Files and Save 2-3 Weeks of Work

Markzware InDesign recovery service can fix corrupt InDesign files and recover InDesign, as John Gregory of Focus On The Family describes:

Markzware File Recovery Service User, John H. Gregory, Dir. Media Comm Mktg, Focus on the Family
John Gregory, Focus On The Family

What happens when you are working hard on an Adobe InDesign project that has taken several weeks to complete, and then, all of a sudden, the dreaded worst scenario happens to you and your file is ‘kaput?’  Yes, that’s right, ‘kaput,’ to borrow an old phrase used by my grandparents. Argh, a corrupt InDesign file.

Well, this happened to John Gregory, director of media & communications marketing with Focus On The Family.  In Gregory’s present role, it isn’t often that he works with Adobe InDesign CS4, but still he didn’t expect for his file to disappear. Gregory’s file basically became corrupt InDesign, or bad InDesign, seemingly without any apparent rhyme or reason.

In desperate need to find something that could recover InDesign and resolve this huge problem, Gregory scoured the Web for an InDesign recovery solution and ran across several forum entries referencing Markzware, makers of PageZephyr Search, ID2Q, Q2ID, and more software for printing and publishing. His discovery led him to the Markzware File Recovery Service to fix corrupt InDesign files.

Once Gregory contacted Markzware they were able to use their skills to recover InDesign with this special service to fix corrupt InDesign files. Gregory was pleased to find out that the quality of the InDesign recovery was “95% with only having to do some minor settings, links and fonts that needed adjusting once the file had been repaired. I have no idea how they were able to fix this, but it worked all within 24 hours of contacting them.”

Have you ever had a corrupt InDesign file? Or tried to recover InDesign to fix corrupt InDesign files? Please share your corrupt InDesign or InDesign recovery experiences with us at Markzware, by submitting your comments below.

Title: Fix Corrupt InDesign Files and Save 2-3 Weeks of Work
Published on: June 17, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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