Fix A Corrupted QXD File with XTension for QuarkXPress MarkzTools

Fix a corrupted QXD file or down-save QuarkXPress to a lower version for QuarkXPress printing and publishing with Markzware’s XTension for QuarkXPress, MarkzTools. MarkzTools can help to fix QuarkXPress documents and down-save QuarkXPress:

Markzware‘s XTension for QuarkXPress, MarkzTools, can save a QuarkXPress file from bad file format. This versatile software can verify or ensure document integrity, extract QXD or QXP text, and more. MarkzTools can also help to export files to lower versions of QuarkXPress.

Down-Saving QuarkXPress to lower Versions
Markzware gets requests asking if MarkzTools can assist you to down-save QuarkXPress to a lower version document. MarkzTools can down-save a QuarkXPress document to a lower version.

Fix a Corrupted QXD File with XTension for QuarkXPress MarkzToolsMarkzware MarkzTools Conversion Options for Documents with Layouts

When you need to fix a corrupted qxd file, it is reassuring to know that MarkzTools is close at hand. See how the MarkzTools download works, as shown in this video:

How to Save QuarkXPress Files with MarkzTools

Markzware’s XTension for QuarkXPress can verify QuarkXPress file integrity,
help with
corrupted QuarkXPress, and save QuarkXPress files

Down-save QuarkXPress to a lower version today with the Markzware XTension for QuarkXPress MarkzTools. You can visit the Markzware Products page, to see more QuarkXPress XTensions.

Verify QuarkXPress file integrity and save QuarkXPress files with Markzware’s XTension for QuarkXPress MarkzTools. Get the MarkzTools download today!

Title: Fix A Corrupted QXD File with XTension for QuarkXPress MarkzTools
Published on: June 21, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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