Prevent Corrupted QuarkXPress Files: MarkzTools QuarkXPress XTension

Markzware MarkzTools QuarkXPress XTension is the solution to corrupted QuarkXPress files:

What happens when you are working hard on a QuarkXPress project that has taken several weeks to complete, and then suddenly the worst happens and your file is now corrupted QuarkXPress? Since this can happen to the best graphic designers when it is least expected, you’ll want to have MarkzTools on hand to rescue the situation.

A file can go bad at any time, and without a warning. To resolve this huge problem, Markzware, the publishers of several quality software products that support QuarkXPress and other layout programs, offers MarkzTools, the QuarkXPress XTension that can help you to prevent a corrupted QuarkXPress file.

Use MarkzTools to preserve your intellectual property investment, to secure QuarkXPress content and to maintain document integrity. Users can verify the Saved QuarkXPress document, and be alerted if file integrity in danger of QuarkXPress error codes that warn the user of corrupted QuarkXPress documents.

MarkzTools can retrieve text from corrupted documents, so that you can partially or fully recover corrupted QuarkXPress documents, in order to save QuarkXPress files. MarkzTools allows users to save QuarkXPress content in a temporary document copy before saving the original document. This helps prevent potential problems during the “save” process, and the temporary file can then be used to recover QuarkXPress content.
Markzware MarkzTools Fonts List, QuarkXPress Font ListMarkzTools enables easy version conversion and can convert higher versions of QuarkXPress to lower versions, making QuarkXPress backwards compatible and allowing users to open a higher version of QuarkXPress in a lower-version QuarkXPress document.

MarkzTools eliminates time and reduces costs when re-creating content, and even images in Gray Previews to reduce the file size. Let Markzware help you, with this Quark XTension, to fix QuarkXPress (QXP) files.

Have you ever had a corrupted QuarkXPress file? Or tried to recover QuarkXPress to fix corrupted QuarkXPress files? Please share your corrupted QuarkXPress experiences or QuarkXPress recovery experiences with us at Markzware, by submitting your comments below.

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