Edit InDesign and Publish InDesign with Digital Publishing Software

Edit InDesign and Publish InDesign with Digital Publishing Software

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

Edit InDesign CS6, QuarkXPress or Microsoft Publisher content to create new content for desktop publishing, using archived proprietary files. Search InDesign CS6 and other DTP file formats for valuable information that you can combine and edit to publish InDesign and other content for print or web usage:

Extract InDesign INDD, QuarkXPress QXP, or Microsoft Publisher PUB text from your desktop publishing archives, so you can edit InDesign, QuarkXPress or Publisher text for content creation and document output. Then publish InDesign and more content for printed pieces or for online blogs.

Do you have extensive desktop archives of Adobe Creative Suite INDD files in your digital workflow? PageZephyr Search content search and digital publishing software from Markzware is designed to simplify digital publishing, so that you can take maximum advantage of your valuable content. Quickly find the exact archived story you need before your deadline, using PageZephyr’s features for easy content search. The located, indexed native files will be displayed right on your desktop! This saves a huge amount of time when you want to publish InDesign, rather than using other methods to search InDesign CS6 archives to find specific information.

After finding relevant text with Markzware PageZephyr Search, combine content from multiple INDD documents. Extract InDesign CS6 text, edit InDesign stories, and publish InDesign content. When you combine multiple InDesign excerpts, you are not altering the original INDD document or the text within that document. Now you can edit InDesign snippets or export InDesign text as Plain Text or RTF to create new content, and even upload your new creation to a blog.

Edit InDesign and Publish InDesign with Digital Publishing Software

Markzware’s digital publishing software makes it easy to edit InDesign CS6 and to publish InDesign

Edit InDesign CS6 Text from Multiple InDesign Files
PageZephyr actually displays a list of the documents found as a result of your targeted content search. The documents in the list contain information relevant to the keyword(s) you entered during the content search.

PageZephyr’s Storyboard Window Makes it Easy to Edit InDesign Text for Digital Publishing
Markzware PageZephyr Search Main Window Overview
Markzware PageZephyr allows users to export InDesign and publish InDesign or other proprietary files,
in order to post digital content on
Google Docs, WordPress, Box or Scribd blogs

How to Add Content Using PageZephyr
1. In PageZephyr, click on a document icon to display all stories for a document.
2. Choose stories in which you are interested. To combine stories from multiple INDD documents, hold down the Command (Apple) key and click on the stories. (Be sure to open the disclosure triangles for all relevant documents.)

Note:  You can edit text with InDesign fonts, including adding, deleting and changing text, font face, font size and font color. To see the font face, font size or font color changes, you must export as RTF. To remove all of the formatting, export as TXT (Plain Text).

How to Remove a Story from the PageZephyr Window
Hold down the Apple / Command key and select a story that is highlighted in the File List, which is located on the left section of the window.

Creative professionals, advertisers, eDiscovery teams, marketers, publishers and other content creators can benefit from using this multi-faceted digital publishing software. PageZephyr is available to buy via the PageZephyr Search page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) software for Adobe Creative Suite users and more, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Search InDesign, edit InDesign and publish InDesign content, all with digital publishing software, Markzware PageZephyr!

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