Extract InDesign After Digital Content Search with Publishing Software

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Text Entry Area and Multiple Search Criteria

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

Need to extract InDesign or export InDesign for eDiscovery (electronic discovery)? You may want to do a digital content search in INDD documents for specific keywords. Search InDesign with PageZephyr Search digital publishing software to find particular content in proprietary file formats created by publishers and creative professionals. Then, extract text from Adobe Creative Suite INDD graphic software native files and publish InDesign files:

EDiscovery is a digital workflow process used during the discovery process by law firms, governments, intelligence and research agencies. In the Electronic Discovery / eDiscovery process, it is important to process file formats and extract files based on a keyword or phrase. Documents in these original source files can then be analyzed more in depth by experts in various legal fields.

EDiscovery is often required by law and is becoming more so. Depending on settings and such, digital files may be missing data after you extract files and export InDesign Adobe Creative Suite proprietary file formats for desktop publishing (DTP).

Intensive Electronic Discovery, or eDiscovery, usually takes place for intelligence research in original graphic software native files. A way to ease digital content search is with PageZephyr Search. This content search application is by Markzware, developer of publishing software for creative professionals, printers and publishers in the digital workflow for graphic arts production.

Search InDesign for eDiscovery with PageZephyr Search Digital Publishing Software

Extract text after searching InDesign graphic software files with PageZephyr Search

Processing these graphic design digital files involves much, with all that reading and searching for specific keywords, phrases or images. PageZephyr Search helps firms to more easily process digital files. This stand-alone desktop search tool will index DTP file formats on your hard drive for desktop publishing and allow you to search for keywords or phrases.

PageZephyr Search can index DTP file formats in any language used within supported Adobe InDesign formats. Printers, publishers and creative professionals can then use these native files for new documents via this digital content search tool to publish InDesign files.

PageZephyr Search for eDiscovery and Graphic Arts
Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Text Entry Area and Multiple Search CriteriaSearch InDesign to find specific keywords with PageZephyr

PageZephyr Search can extract content and index DTP file formats for eDiscovery, and desktop publishing, as well as process digital file formats to search for keywords in PDF’s and more. You can buy PageZephyr Search, digital publishing software, via the PageZephyr Search page.

Extract InDesign text, export InDesign and publish InDesign files in the digital workflow with PageZephyr Search to extract text for eDiscovery in Adobe Creative Suite INDD, and other proprietary file formats! 

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