PageZephyr Installation & Activation Guide for Macintosh

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

PageZephyr Installation and Activation Guide
for the Macintosh

PageZephyr Installation and Activation Guide – YouTube

Markzware PageZephyr can search and extract text from
InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, and QuarkXPress DTP file types

PageZephyr Search Installation and Activation Guide (software tutorial):
You will have received your PageZephyr Search via e-mail. Markzware has a new method of installation and activation, developed in-house. It’s called MarkzControl. With that e-mail, you’ll get your product, you’ll get a Product ID, and you’ll get a download link. As you’ll read, this is your personal, private and actual download URL. All Markzware updates are always pushed to this URL, so keep it in a safe place. You only need to re-download at a later date to get the most current version of the installer and, thus, of your product. Do not post or share or distribute this link in any way. It refers only to you and your order, your e-mail address.

For the most current versions of Markzware Products, there will be no installers posted online. So, it’s important, because the traditional method is you go to a web page, you get the installer, the update. You download it and install it. Markzware developed this new system, where everything is via one URL, which is only for you. So, this is important. You can see what’s important for you, but make sure you keep this in a safe place.
Copy Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac to Your Applications Folder
To get started, click on the link. Let’s do that now. Once you click that, what you get, in your browser on that is End User License Agreement. There, you can read exactly what the End User License Agreement entails. And when you accept and understand this agreement, you click I Agree and you click Download.

Important for when you de-archive, or decompress, the download package:
Make sure your archive utility or decompression tool will decompress all the package, not just the outer shell. Modern decompression tools may only do the outer shell. You should decompress all parts of the download. Once the download’s complete, in your Downloads, you can find the package, now decompressed.

There is a PageZephyr Search manual, where you can get all details on how to get started. You drag and drop the PageZephyr Search icon into your Applications folder. Launch PageZephyr Search. Activation and registration. Proxy settings, if you have a proxy, you can bypass it here. If you have a too-strict firewall, you have to turn that off for the moment.

And, now, let’s go over all this, how this works. Just drag PageZephyr Search into your Applications folder. You go in there. You find PageZephyr Search. I’m gonna put it down in my Dock here, right next to InDesign, or should I put it next to our FlightCheck? Let’s put it next to FlightCheck, next to InDesign, since it supports INDD files.

And, now, let’s open it up and see what happens. Let’s launch PageZephyr Search for the Macintosh. Yes, we do want to open it. Welcome to PageZephyr Search. This explains that PageZephyr Search is a stand-alone application to help you find content, so you can Copy & Paste to extract text from InDesign applications for content creation. It does this without having these apps loaded on your computer. What you need to do to get started is to index your content.

So, we click Continue to begin. PageZephyr Search is able to do a content search for and index these DTP file types. Please select the types of files you would like PageZephyr Search to search for and index. You want to do All. PageZephyr Search will track the locations that you choose below for changed or added documents. So, you can add in your entire drive or volume and it will also search over the network, if you choose network-connected volumes. In this case, let’s choose “TESTFILES” folder, and it will warn you: Do you want to index the volume? The volume that contains… Turn index on. Yes, we do want to index it. And we hit Continue.

Show Styled Stories. This may slow down the performance of the application, but it is much better, if you can turn this on. Do as such. Then, you get the full stylization of the text, colors, size, bold, italic, you name it. Finish.

And, now, you see here, it’s indexing. And it’ll show you over here all your files, which we’ll get to in a moment. So, we’ll let it do its trick here. Behind here, are several screens. The first screen that popped up will happen in the background, without us doing anything. Do you have a proper internet connection without a firewall, or without a strict proxy? You’ll get right through and you’ll be able to get this: Activation process is now complete, your product  is ready to use. It’s that easy. Sometimes, you will have to restart the application and start again for it to kick in and activate.

We see PageZephyr Search here, and we see that it’s indexed all our files, our whole volume of files, or a directory, in this case. So, it’s pretty quick, you know, about forty minutes to do all those files. I think less even, maybe like, only, thirty minutes. It depends on the style and the stylization and the attributes of the document, how long it takes. So, it’s not that bad.

You can drill in and see all the files here and you can click on one and see the content. And you can also drill in and see, page by page, the content, which is quite neat. Thank you. This has been David Dilling for Markzware. Please always feel free to contact us. Wishing you a fantastic 2013. Till the next time…

Find text and create digital content, today. See this content search application and more tools for digital publishing on the Markzware Products page. Make the most of your InDesign CS (Adobe Creative Suite) and InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) content in INDD documents.

PageZephyr Installation and Activation Guide, the software tutorial on how-to install and use.

Title: PageZephyr Installation & Activation Guide for Macintosh
Published on: July 11, 2013
David Dilling

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