Conversion Software to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress: PDF2DTP QXP

Markzware’s PDF2DTP for QXP is conversion software that can convert PDF to QuarkXPress:

Do your graphic design customers send PDF files, when your workflow uses QuarkXPress? You can convert PDF file to QXP file, with a Quark XTension from Markzware.

Markzware offers conversion tools to ease the transition for workflows that handle PDF or QuarkXPress files. PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress is a QuarkXPress XTension that provides seamless file conversion with easy access to PDF content within a new QXP document. This document conversion software allows users to edit PDF content within QuarkXPress.

You can use Markzware’s QuarkXPress XTension to get PDF content into a QXP document for editing. Watch how, in this video demonstration of PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress:

Conversion Software to
Convert PDF to QuarkXPress:

Edit PDF details within QXP, by doing file conversion with PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress.

PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress Advantages:
• preserves intellectual property.
• enables easy data migration.
• eliminates time re-creating content.
• reduces costs re-creating content.
• brings PDF content into a QuarkXPress DTP workflow.

It is a competitive world and your content must stand out from the rest, in order to be effective. Therefore, you need the best format for publishing your content and attracting your customers. PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress is trustworthy conversion software to get your PDF content into a QXP document that you can edit and publish.

Markzware provides the solution that gets your content into a form that makes it easy to share with your audience. Just use PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress to be able to publish your PDF content via QuarkXPress.
pdf2dtp-logo 300x300Steps to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress:
1. Complete installation and activation of Markzware‘s PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress.
2. In QuarkXPress, under the Markzware menu item, click PDF2DTP.
3. Click “Convert PDF…”.

What Can PDF2DTP Do?
PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress:
• converts PDF to QuarkXPress (QXP) documents, a DTP environment.
• extracts images embedded or placed in PDFs.
• allows quick & easy data conversion.
• provides swift return on investment.
• enables graphic designers to edit PDF content.

With your content in the proper form, a larger audience can find your content. So, it is important to choose the best file conversion software for your organization’s goals.

PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress can convert PDF to QuarkXPress details, such as:
• text attributes and runarounds
• images and tables
• colors and blends
• page positioning

Sample File Conversion with PDF2DTP for QXP,
Conversion Software to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress:

Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress Printers Marks lgDo you currently do manual file conversion to get your PDF files into QuarkXPress? PDF2DTP can help you to speed up your file conversion process.

For more information on Markzware’s PDF to QuarkXPress XTension, see the PDF2DTP page. More document conversion tools are available on the Markzware Products page.

Did this conversion software help you to convert PDF to QuarkXPress? Please share your story and ask questions, in the comment section below. Feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List and share with Markzware on
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Conversion Software to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress: PDF2DTP QXP

Title: Conversion Software to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress: PDF2DTP QXP
Published on: August 12, 2015
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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