How to Convert
Multiple QuarkXPress Files to IDML.
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QXPMarkz has powerful batch processing. You can take multiple QuarkXPress files and quickly convert these files right into Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher or other DTP of your choosing. With Batch Converting you will not get a preview. 

If you get some tricky QuarkXPress files, you can take advantage of converting those files right into IDML (InDesign Markup Language) or any other application that accepts IDML, with QXPMarkz.

You don’t even need QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign loaded on your machine. Just select ‘Convert to IDML’ and select the files that you want converted. When you go to your download file you will see your multiple QuarkXPress files all converted into IDML along with all the images.

Batch process Quark to InDesign conversion, without a preview. Drag and drop a QuarkXPress file on QXPMarkz and it will provide a handy preview. You can see file information, which is convenient to see which document you are viewing, what is inside of it, and you get a preview of your file.

How to Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to IDML

Sometimes, you just want to convert more than one file and finish the job quickly. You don’t need to preview it, but want to convert your QuarkXPress documents to InDesign, or to Affinity Publisher or another format.

There is a function at the top, in the QXPMarkz menu item. Click on “File” and then on “Convert to IDML”. You can use this,  if you’re getting tricky files that won’t preview correctly. QXPMarkz  previews are natively generated by Markzware, so if you ever have files that are crashing, make sure you try File > Convert to IDML. Then, it might work.

Here is how you can quickly batch convert QuarkXPress files, with QXPMarkz: To convert to IDML, without a preview, select your files, holding down the Shift key and select multiple files. Then, release the Shift key and click “Convert”.

You get multiple conversion windows. They’ll start popping up in folder after folder. You won’t have to see any previews, at this point .QXPMarkz writes the IDML and of course an IDML will open directly in InDesign.

If you go into your “Downloads” folder, you can see them. You get each file, which was a Quark file, and is now an IDML file, without having the Quark application on your machine and without having InDesign open. QXPMarkz extracts all the images, at resolution used.

That’s a quick tip, for an extremely handy way to convert multiple QuarkXPress files, in one session, without a preview, right to IDML. Convert documents from QuarkXPress  to IDML,  with a click, without the need for any other applications.

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How to Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to IDML with QXPMarkz

Title: How to Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to IDML with QXPMarkz
Published on: August 24, 2022
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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