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Overview of QXPMarkz Scripts For Adobe InDesign

Markzware’s QXPMarkz has included a Script Installer, which you can activate, and it will work with Scripts in Adobe InDesign. When you are first running QXPMarkz, there will be a Script Installer to activate. If you want to install the scripts in freebie mode, you can do that, but it will be in unactivated mode, and it will not run or do anything in Adobe InDesign. 

Once you have installed and activated QXPMarkz, you can install the scripts. A Scripts window will appear, but if you don’t want to see that window (Launch when scripts available) come up every time you start QXPMarkz you can uncheck the box that appears. If you decide you want to see it, just go to the ‘tools menu’ and select ‘always bring it back up.’

The script in this example that is being selected and installed is called “InDesign 2020.” In this example, you can see a list of what we have installed of various versions of InDesign. QXPMarkz looks at your system to see what versions you have installed and it goes all the way back to Adobe CS6. 

Once the scripts are installed, you can go to the main menu bar item called “Markzware” where you can see the script called “Convert QuarkXPress Document.” Also, under the File menu, there is a new item called ‘Open QuarkXPress File’. Both of these will invoke QXPMarkz, which needs to be activated in order for this to work. 

Under the Markzware menu, select Convert QuarkXPress Document. That will bring up a dialog to select a Quark file to convert. Once you have selected the file, two documents will open up, since your QuarkXPress file contains multiple layouts, so each layout will open up, in a separate tab. 

Once you see the two Layouts, QXPMarkz is out of the way, and you now are in Adobe InDesign to make any edits that you would like. So, you now have an InDesign document and QXPMarkz did this all behind the scenes. Using the script that comes with QXPMarkz keeps you in your flow, saving a lot of time and making it easy. 

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Video: Overview of QXPMarkz Scripts For InDesign

Integrate QuarkXPress Conversion into InDesign: QXPMarkz Tutorial Video How-To

This video shows you how to integrate QuarkXPress conversion into Adobe
InDesign workflows, using Markzware QXPMarkz. Learn how to install QXPMarkz scripts,
to open .qxp documents in Adobe InDesign .indd documents, for editing.

How to Integrate QuarkXPress Conversion into Adobe InDesign

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