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Application To Convert QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher

Step 1:
Download QXPMarkz from the Markzware website (markzware.com) and install it.

QXPMarkz provides a convenient Free Preview, so you can immediately preview what your conversion will look like.

Step 2:
Drag and drop the QuarkXPress file onto the QXPMarkz icon.

Immediately, you will notice the Free Preview of your conversion and what it will look like.

At this point, you are offered a variety of options that include Convert to IDML, Convert to PDF or Open in Affinity Publisher.  

Step 3:
Select “Open in Affinity Publisher” and the QuarkXPress file will instantly open in Publisher.

As you follow the dialog, you will see it convert your QuarkXPress file into Serif’s Affinity Publisher.

In summary, QXPMarkz allows you, in just a couple of clicks, the ability to edit, add, and subtract any of your QuarkXPress content, directly within a new Affinity Publisher layout.

That is how simple and easy it is to convert QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher, using QXPMarkz!

Purchasing And Availability

QXPMarkz is now available as a
Subscription for only $219, or as a
Perpetual version for $359

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How to Convert QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher (QXPMarkz Journey)

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Video: How to convert Quark to Affinity Publisher

QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher: QXPMarkz Tutorial Video How To Convert

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)
Learn how to Convert QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher with Markzware QXPMarkz.
This video shows you how to transfer .qxp layouts to .afpub documents.

How to Convert QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher with QXPMarkz

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