Imaging and Printing Solutions (IPS) Market in India 2010

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Imaging and Printing Solutions (IPS)
Market in India 2010

The Imaging and Printing Solutions market (IPS market) is worldwide. So is Markzware‘s FlightCheck, the professional imaging and printing solution for preflighting documents. This pre press software can check image files for print quality control before document output:

Many think that India is just growing in all sectors and that the economic downturn skipped over them and China. Well, it is not true. Although in general their GDP may still see what we in the west would consider healthy growth (India’s GDP was 6.1% in 2009), their printing business certainly took a hit in 2009 as well.

The Indian imaging and printing solutions market (IPS market) took a big hit in 2009 and was “heavily impacted by the (economic) slowdown“. This was reported by Computer Reseller News India, in their “7 Top Printing & Imaging Trends” article. (You may also want to check out their cyber profile of India.)

The imaging and printing solutions market in India is still a growth market. This is certainly true for color printing, as the Indian market has only seen 6% penetration. One area of growth in 2009 was for stand-alone scanners in this vast country:

“Stand-alone scanners showed the highest growth in the IPS segment in 2009, while in most countries the market for scanners is declining. Some of the biggest drivers here are DMS, government projects for digitization, and banks adopting the check truncation system (CTS).

CTS is being adopted by the central banks of many countries, including India, UAE and Saudi Arabia, for the faster check clearing. Now in its second phase in India, it will be a growth propeller for the scanner market.”

Preflight Solution for the Imaging and
Printing Solutions (IPS) Market

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The imaging and printing solutions market looked to be improving in 2010 for many countries. Let’s hope it stays that way, although recessions are a good time to use money-saving document scanning software and printing solutions. One of these printing solutions is Markzware FlightCheck, software for print quality assurance.

Imaging and Printing Solutions (IPS) Market in India 2010

Title: Imaging and Printing Solutions (IPS) Market in India 2010
Published on: March 22, 2010
David Dilling

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