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Preflight Automation

FlightCheck® is a stand-alone program that electronically implements the preflight process. It can check a document, prior to output, helping to catch potential problems, as early as possible.

A new and exciting feature within FlightCheck is the ability to create Automations for your workflows, which are Apple scriptable. Under the FlightCheck menu, select “Preferences” to be able to set your automation preferences. This is where you can set up certain actions within the “Automation” section, before opening a file in FlightCheck.

How To Set Up Preflight Automations

Below are helpful steps on how to get started with setting up the automation process, within FlightCheck:

Step 1: Got to your Apple macOS System Preferences, click “Security & Privacy”, and click “Click the lock to make changes”, to enter your system password.

Step 2: Click “Full Disk Access”, select the latest version of “FlightCheck”, and click the “Click & Reopen” button in the pop-up.

Step 3: In FlightCheck menu, select “Preferences” and, then, click the “Automation” tab.

Step 4: Create an automation action for the FlightCheck Report in an HTML format.

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How To Automatically Create & Open An HTML Report

When opening a document, FlightCheck can automatically Create an HTML Report.

If you select in the FlightCheck Automation Workflow, Relative to input path, the HTML report will be saved in the path chosen using the Choose A Report Path selector.

With Automation enabled, every time you open the same file, a new report will be created. If you enable this checkbox, Rename to avoid overwriting, instead of overwriting the previous report, this will append a number to the end of the report name.

Open Report will provide you with the ability to open the HTML report created in an application of your choice. On most computers the Default Application to open HTML files is your Default Web Browser.

The Specific Application option provides the ability to select a custom application to open your HTML report and will be opened in the application chosen using the Select an Application option. This is a great option if you desire to open your HTML report in your favorite text editor program.

Automations On Document Open Feature Built In Markzware FlightCheck 2022
Built-In “On Document Open” Options For FlightCheck Automations Feature

How To Create A Package

Automation in FlightCheck to Create a Package, if enabled, will at any time open a file in FlightCheck, and automatically package the job based upon the settings that are set up.

If Relative to input path is selected, the Package will be saved at the same location as the document you just opened.

When “PASS”, “WARN”, and “ERROR” folders are checked, FlightCheck will create a Parent folder to Store the Package in. The job will be placed in one of those three folders by FlightCheck. If one of the folders (PASS, WARN or ERROR) do not exist and is needed, FlightCheck will automatically create it.

The PASS, WARN and ERROR folder placement of a Package is based on the Ground Controls settings. As an example, If you have a FlightCheck Score of 96% and a single Ground Control that triggered an error, your packaged job will be placed into a parent folder named ERROR. If you fix that error and rescan your job and that error now shows as a warning, then the job will now be placed into a folder named WARNING.

Additional Preflight Automations

There are a variety of options to select and or enable when setting up your preflight automation, in Markzware’s FlightCheck:

1. The Open Package option allows you to select an application to handle your Packaged file.

2. The Specific Application option will provide the ability to select a custom application to open your Packaged job. If this is selected, the Package will be opened in the application chosen using the Choose an Application. This comes in handy if you want to open the ZIP archive and email the file.

3. If Close Document is enabled, FlightCheck will close the Preview of the document it creates after a specified period of time (typically five seconds or less). This may help keep screen clutter to a minimum depending on your personal preferences. This does not work on its own, at least one file format must be enabled from the above Preferences.

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“As a company active in Prepress, using the FlightCheck program was very valuable to us. Using this application can improve the production and lean printing process.”

– Reza Alee, Prepress Manager +
Founder, Alee Art Group +
Editor In Chief, PrepressMag +
Packaging Consultant, Sigmapackprint +
Artist Contributor, InPrint Magazine +
Business Partner, PrepressDaily Group, prepressdaily.com

Preflight Automation Software

Preflighting is such a necessary part of having quality assurance in your workflow. It is important to know what comes in and what comes out and FlightCheck preflight automations can help you to achieve this.

Automatically Pass and Fail, or automatically Preflight, incoming print jobs. You can even automate a workflow to preflight, report, and package jobs, before sending them on in the workflow.

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