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Customizable Preflight Reports,
With Markzware FlightCheck!

Preflight With FlightCheck

“Preflight” describes the process of checking a document prior to output, with the intention of catching potential problems, as early as possible. FlightCheck® is a stand-alone program that implements this process, electronically. Therefore, you don’t need to load an Adobe InDesign, PDF, Illustrator, or QuarkXPress application, to preflight with Markzware’s FlightCheck.

Customize Preflight Reports & Add Comments

New! Preflight Reports are set up to customize for your company or business. There are three types of reports FlightCheck can generate, when packaging your output job. You can also add comments.

Get A Preflight Report For Your Layout Document,
Without the Source Application

FlightCheck will preflight, package, and report on Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and PDF page layouts or documents of any popular print format. It handles all these processes, as a stand-alone application. Thus, you do not need an Adobe Subscription or a Quark Subscription, to use this software!

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“I’m pleased to see that this FlightCheck release works seamlessly on newest versions of Mac OS.
Nice new intuitive user interface, and FlightCheck Score is a bonus. Looking forward to continuing to use this powerful tool — for print and digital environments alike.”

– Bryan Keever, Owner & Creative Director,
Hobo Pigeon Studio, hobopigeonstudio.com

The Importance Of Preflight Reporting

Preflight reporting on incoming print jobs, or outgoing graphic design creative work is vital. Markzware FlightCheck makes pre-flight reporting even easier, for customer service reps, administrative folks, creative management, graphic producers, in-house marketing departments, and other businesses!

This pre-press application is a real productivity tool, for your workflow and for the human operators associated with it! With Preflight Reports created in FlightCheck, your quality assurance checklist becomes even easier to manage!

Purchasing And Availability

FlightCheck is available as a:
Subscription for only $249, or as a
Free, 30-day, fully-functional Demo, which
you can download, now, by clicking here!

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Video: FlightCheck Preflight Reports – Overview video

How To Create Preflight Reports - FlightCheck Feature: Creating Reports (Tutorial Video)

In this tutorial, Markzware shows you how to set up and produce customizable
preflight reports, which can be included in the collected print job package.
FlightCheck makes preflighting and preflight reports easy, fast and
accurate. The next graphic designer, DTP artist, prepress operator, and/or
print-shop gets a Report in HTML, RTF, TXT, JSON, or XML format, with
details on colors, fonts, and images used in the page layout or PDF document.

How To Set Up & Produce Customizable Preflight Reports: FlightCheck

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