No Bad Customers Just Files That Don’t Print Correctly

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Printing has quite changed since the last decade. Print production was irrevocably altered by digital production printing. The offset world became enlightened by computer-to-plate (CTP) manufacturing. Digital printing revolutionized the business model of many quick print and copy establishments.

The transition from analog to digital production printing happened virtually overnight for print suppliers and other print professionals. These professionals had to make capital investments in new digital tools. For print buyers, content creators and retail customers, the learning curve has been significantly steeper. Suddenly, they weren’t being asked to submit camera-ready content; they were being asked for digital files.

Digital files can be checked for potential printing problems by using solutions for preflighting. Preflight solutions are software applications that analyze a digital file to ensure that it meets the specifications for its output intentions. FlightCheck, by Markzware, is the patented solution for preflighting to ensure print quality control. FlightCheck can check documents in a variety of file formats and warns of possible print errors before printing.

Commercial printers found that it isn’t as difficult to ask for digital files as it is for the quick print and copy business. The latter business type targets a customer base that has less graphic arts experience. The typical customer profile is a small-to-mid-sized local business that may have only one or two people on staff. These customers are less likely to have taken Graphic Arts 101 before designing their first tri-fold promotional brochure. FlightCheck can ensure print quality control for a variety of files created by these customers and more.

The print provider has been the customer’s first line of defense against printing problems sneaking through to output at the digital copier or digital press stage. Now, there are good tools on the market to help suppliers alleviate those problems. FlightCheck is the standard tool for preflighting that provides a detailed preflight report to help marketing, printing and publishing professionals to avoid printing problems.

These quality assurance applications may be desktop tools, server-based or even highly automated, Web-enabled solutions. The desktop, scaled-down, server-based iterations are often the most appropriate for the quick-print business. For example, FlightCheck, the flagship application from Markzware, is a desktop-level solution for preflighting that will verify print specifications of wide range of file formats from native application files, including:

Use FlightCheck for preflighting your digital files. Try the free FlightCheck demo to see how easy preflighting can be. Save money and provide print quality assurance. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

No Bad Customers Just Files That Don’t Print Correctly

Title: No Bad Customers Just Files That Don’t Print Correctly
Published on: July 2, 2008
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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