Preflight for Print Quality Control in FlightCheck Pre Press Software

Preflight for Print Quality Control in FlightCheck Pre Press Software

You should always preflight print files created with graphic software. Proofing graphic design native files to preflight colors, incorrect image resolution and other document problems can make the difference between a successful marketing product and costly (not to mention embarrassing) printing problems! Ensure top printing quality for jobs originating in page layout applications with FlightCheck preflight solution for print quality control:

Printing quality can make or break a successful campaign. Creative professionals design and produce the best work they can to support marketing and sales. After all that hard work, it would not be a good idea to send a graphic design to the next person in the print workflow, if it were going to cause printing problems.

FlightCheck, by printing solutions publisher Markzware, can catch these file problems when you are preparing print ready documents. Preflighting is important for print quality control and, with decades of preflighting experience and extensive resources in print, publishing and graphic arts, Markzware has unique standing as the U.S. Patent holder for preflighting.

FlightCheck has been engineered for creative professionals, printers and publishers. As a stand-alone pre flight application, this pre press software bridges the communication gap between designers and print professionals. It can preflight QuarkXPress, preflight Adobe Creative Suite INDD, check Adobe Acrobat PDF or Adobe Photoshop, and even collect files to package InDesign, package fonts, package Illustrator, etc. Here is a video demonstration on how to preflight InDesign files and more:

Check InDesign CS with Markzware FlightCheck to Preflight Print

FlightCheck can preflight InDesign files and then collect files to package InDesign

One of the Markzware printing solutions, FlightCheck pre press software has long received rave reviews. This is due in part to the fact that it can check InDesign CS and other native files for low image resolution, profile error, disallowed fonts, non-proportional scaling, missing fonts, bleed/trim hazard, 4-color text, and a list of other graphic design elements. In addition, FlightCheck can share a preflight profile with Acrobat, share custom profiles, and quickly provide a preflight results report to certify proofing.

It can help printers if you package Illustrator or package fonts before submitting your print order. This will avoid document problems when the print shop is preparing print ready jobs for the presses.

Ground Controls in FlightCheck help analyze a wide range of DTP file types that may be shared with printers or anyone in the print workflow. You can preflight Adobe Creative Suite INDD, preflight QuarkXPress, preflight color, check Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Photoshop, and other graphic software formats of page layout applications for graphic arts. With customizable Ground Controls, this preflight solution is your one-stop application to pre flight DTP file types.

Ground Controls in Markzware FlightCheck
Use FlightCheck’s Ground Controls to preflight color, image resolution, and much more

Printers and creative professionals who use FlightCheck can be alerted to numerous technical problems in native files that cause printing problems and affect printing quality. This way, document problems can be corrected and a print ready document can be sent to the printer.

FlightCheck has been in the graphic arts marketplace for years and can easily preflight InDesign files, preflight QuarkXPress, check Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Photoshop, and other DTP file types, as well as collect files to package fonts and the like, or package Illustrator, for example. Visit the FlightCheck page today. For more printing solutions that support graphic software page layout applications, check out the Markzware Products page.

Click here to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List. Also, please let us know about your pre flight experiences in the print workflow, whether they were proofing failures or successes, by commenting in the section below.

Get print quality control with pre press software to preflight Adobe Creative Suite INDD. Preflight print and package InDesign with Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution to check InDesign CS!

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