Preflighting Color and Image Quality

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Preflighting color and image quality with preflight solution, FlightCheck:

Color and image quality are common issues for prepress in the printing workflow. Preflighting during prepress with FlightCheck, the preflight software from Markzware, can ensure print quality. Preflight color and check image files in prepress with FlightCheck.
Preflighting color, image quality: Alec Chin, graphic design consultant, uses FlightCheck“The most common issues I have with preflighting is making sure that the quality is good with color and image quality”, according to Alec Chin, a self employed design consultant based in central London. The quality of colors and images is extremely important to this freelance design consultant, who works in the graphic industry, producing print design for various products such as book covers, exhibition panels, government promotional literature. Mistakes need to be caught before a job has to be redone, causing a big expense, not to mention all the time loss.

Chin uses FlightCheck to ensure:

  • color is set up correctly for the specific printing process
  • color management is consistent throughout
  • image resolution is high enough
  • image is in a particular file format

“There are also cases where I supply PDFs, so I must be confident that these are managed correctly. With FlightCheck, it is easy to understand and run down all of the aspects of an artwork file.”

Preflighting Color and Image Quality

Check image and preflight color, using Markzware’s preflighting software

“QuarkXPress 9, Photoshop, Illustrator and FreeHand MX are the publishing applications that I use FlightCheck to preflight. I usually preflight the native files and have been using FlightCheck since version 4. It’s become a standard application that I have to have. It doesn’t have to run inside any other application, so it never really causes any crashing problems. I find it very easy and quick to preflight files once I have it setup.”

FlightCheck’s preflighting can check all file types used by this design consultant, plus other file types. Preflighting color and image files for print quality is easy with Markzware’s preflight solution.
Proof is in the Preflight with Markzware FlightCheck
You can buy this pre press software via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflighting Color and Image Quality … Use FlightCheck for image and color preflighting!

Title: Preflighting Color and Image Quality
Published on: January 20, 2012
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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