Social Media meets the Printing Industry

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Social media and printing industry tips from Kodak and Markzware (developer of printing solutions):

Markzware is the publisher of FlightCheck, software to preflight several file types for print quality control. Markzware saw this Kodak Social Media Tips guide (download provided by Kodak) at a print trade show and was pretty impressed:

Kodak Social Media Tips guide


Impressive was, not only the print quality of the print job, but also the content to help printers and other graphic arts professionals get started with the all important process that goes with online networking. For example, it was cool to see this list of social media tips in the guide:

10 Social Media Tips from Kodak

It was also cool to see an article on Kodak’s blog about how “Printing Is Alive and Well“. Here is an excerpt:

Printing Is Alive and Well by Joe Labarca

…Many in the industry estimate that nearly 400 billion images were captured in 2012. That’s four times more than the roughly 100 billion from film’s heyday. And with this number growing the number of images printed will also grow even as the percentage of images printed versus captured continues to decline. A fast rate in growth of images captured with a slower rate of decline in images printed versus captured, means images printed will grow. And this growth could mean that prints from digital might actually meet or exceed the number of images printed during film’s peak in the not too distant future. Bottom line: a very small percentage of a very large number is still a very large number…

FlightCheck can check image files and image resolution in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and many other file types to ensure top print quality. Markzware’s preflight solution is available via the FlightCheck page. Share and learn about FlightCheck on social media web sites. Interact with Markzware on:
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Social Media meets the Printing Industry

Title: Social Media meets the Printing Industry
Published on: January 4, 2010
David Dilling

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