The (Not So) Printed Blog

The (Not So) Printed Blog

Markzware, publisher of FlightCheck for preflighting, read a status update from Scott Abel ( on with this headline, “[Publishing] The Printed Blog is dead (already)” on why stopped:

“It is with great sadness that I must report that, due to a lack of outside investment capital, The Printed Blog is ceasing publication….

Last year, I had an idea. I wondered what would happen if some of the business model principles that work online were applied to the troubled newspaper industry. The more I thought about it, the more the curiosity got to me. So I registered a domain name, developed an action plan, and started the process of building a new kind of newsprint publication.

Everyone said I was nuts, but I did it anyway.

Creating a new breed of newsprint publication from scratch was an amazing experience, and it was humbling to have been so prominently included in the global discussion on the future of journalism and the print media….

This idea printed more than 80,000 pages and published numerous editions. It now seems to have died from lack of money, not necessarily due to a bad idea. Adobe Acrobat and similar tools provide a great way to view your color graphics, printable brochures and posters on your Mac or PC. Yet, you still print them out for a wider audience to view, in addition to displaying via the World Wide Web. The Internet, publishing and printing are becoming so closely tied that it just makes sense, ideas like “The Printed Blog” started. Surely we will see more of this in the future; more linking of online content to print media and vice versa.

You can buy Markzware‘s pre press software for print quality control via the FlightCheck page. This preflight solution can check Adobe Acrobat and many other file types to ensure printing quality. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

The (Not So) Printed Blog

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