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Duration 01:13. Learn about the Open In QuarkXPress feature in IDMarkz,
Markzware’s stand-alone Adobe InDesign file previewer and converter to
open .indd documents in QuarkXPress 2017 or higher, using IDMarkz.


Open an InDesign file with IDMarkz.

Click the Open in QuarkXPress toolbar icon in IDMarkz.

QuarkXPress may present an IDML import dialog.

Click “Open” in the dialog.

The InDesign file has been converted and
is now open and editable in QuarkXPress.

IDMarkz Documentation on
opening InDesign files in QuarkXPress.

How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in QuarkXPress for Editing: Markzware IDMarkz

Purchasing and Availability

IDMarkz macOS is available as a
Subscription, for only $109, and as a
free, preview-only version.
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Open in QuarkXPress

Title: Open in QuarkXPress
Published on: September 27, 2019
Eddie Aguirre

Software Engineer at Markzware

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