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Open in Acrobat and Annotate

IDMarkz Open In Acrobat and Annotate Feature

Duration 02:15

Convert Adobe InDesign documents to PDF, open in Acrobat and Annotate, using IDMarkz

Open InDesign files in Adobe Acrobat. This does require Adobe Acrobat DC.


  1. Open an InDesign file with IDMarkz.
  2. Click the Open in Acrobat toolbar icon in IDMarkz.
  3. Acrobat will be launched and it will open the converted file.

The InDesign file has been converted and is now open and editable in Adobe Acrobat. You are free to annotate the PDF as you would any PDF exported from Adobe InDesign CC 2019 or newer. Any annotations can be imported back into InDesign CC 2019 or newer.

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Published on: September 27, 2019
Eddie Aguirre

Business Systems Manager at Markzware

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