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How to Love QuarkXPress to InDesign

Once trying Markzware QXPMarkz, many users will find that converting QuarkXPress to InDesign is a breeze and tell us that they love this QuarkXPress converter. We believe that, once you try QXPMarkz, you will love it, too.

The “How To” Steps For InDesign Users
Who Love QuarkXPress

The process to convert QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign is simpler than ever, with Markzware QXPMarkz, a standalone application to convert QuarkXPress documents to InDesign and other formats.

You get a preview of your QuarkXPress document and can convert QuarkXPress documents to InDesign, without even having the QuarkXPress application. You can also convert to Affinity Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, or many other options.

Method 1 To Convert
QuarkXPress To InDesign With QXPMarkz

There are four options for converting QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign, with QXPMarkz. The first method is to convert QuarkXPress files, right into Adobe InDesign, within InDesign.

Install QXPMarkz. Launch InDesign. Click “Markzware” in the top menu and select “Convert QuarkXPress Document”. Choose the document to convert.

QXPMarkz will convert and open the QuarkXPress layout, within Adobe InDesign, with text, fonts, colors, tables, and other elements. You can edit the content, as desired.

Markzware QXPMarkz Freebie Download To Preview QuarkXPress Creative Content

Method 2 To Convert
QuarkXPress To InDesign With QXPMarkz

For the second method, you don’t even need to have InDesign on a machine. Drag and drop a document onto the QXPMarkz interface (or onto the QXPMarkz application icon).

You’ll see a preview of all pages of the .qxp document. Click on a thumbnail, to go right to that page. You can even see the spreads.

In the “Open in” feature area, click the InDesign icon. You can check out detailed file information. QXPMarkz opens your QuarkXPress document, in Adobe InDesign. You can also convert to Affinity Publisher, Illustrator, and other formats.

Method 3 To Convert
QuarkXPress To InDesign With QXPMarkz

The third method converts QuarkXPress, without the preview. Click “File” and select “Convert to IDML” (InDesign Markup Language), which is the interchange format to share Adobe InDesign files.

Select the QuarkXPress document. QXPMarkz tells you the QuarkXPress version of the document.

Click “Convert to IDML”. The IDML will open in Adobe InDesign CS4 or higher. In the original QuarkXPress document folder, you’ll also get the IDML file, with the previews.

Markzware QXPMarkz: Start Editing Your Multi-Page QXP Files in InDesign, Today!

Method 4 To Convert
QuarkXPress To InDesign With QXPMarkz

A fourth method to convert QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign is under the QXPMarkz Preferences. Under the Automation section, click “File” and select “Open”.

You can also set up QXPMarkz to automatically export the content as IDML and even save it to specific locations. You can share the document with your social media. You can batch convert multiple documents.

Software For InDesigners
Who Love QuarkXPress

Markzware QXPMarkz is an application that helps users to convert QuarkXPress documents to other applications, image formats, and popular file formats. Users can convert QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress to PDF, QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher, and more.

QXPMarkz is a powerful tool. It has the capability to open QuarkXPress files in InDesign, Acrobat, Affinity Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, allowing you to love ♥️ QuarkXPress even more!

Purchasing And Availability

QXPMarkz is available as a:
Subscription for only $219, or
Perpetual for $359

A Freebie for QXP file preview only, at no cost. Click here, to download the QXPMarkz Freebie, now!

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Video: QuarkXPress to InDesign – How to Convert with QXPMarkz

Learn how to convert QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign, with QXPMarkz,
Markzware’s QuarkXPress document converter, as explained in this educational tutorial.

Love QuarkXPress to InDesign

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