How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in Affinity Publisher: IDMarkz macOS

Markzware shows how to open Adobe InDesign files in Affinity Publisher on macOS, via the IDMarkz application. In a click, you can open InDesign (.indd) files in Publisher! Read on and watch the video, below:

Markzware is the developer of several print, publishing, and graphic arts software products to preview, preflight, and convert page layout application files. Markzware’s IDMarkz macOS app can open InDesign files in Affinity Publisher, Acrobat PDF, QuarkXPress, earlier versions of InDesign, as well as export InDesign as IDML, PNG, JPEG, and other common file formats. IDMarkz also has these features: scrolling thumbnail view, preview window, document version display, Drag & Drop file opening, and QuickLook plug-in.

IDMarkz is a stand-alone application, so it does not require additional file conversion tools, to open InDesign documents. It can convert multiple versions of InDesign to Serif’s Affinity Publisher, plus many other document formats. See how to convert InDesign to Publisher, in the following video, which is also on YouTube at

How-To Video:

Open in Affinity Publisher

How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in Affinity Publisher, via IDMarkz

  1. Open an InDesign file, using the IDMarkz app by Markzware.
  2. Click on the “Open in Publisher” toolbar icon in IDMarkz. Affinity Publisher will present its “PDF import options” dialog.
  3. Click “Open” in Affinity Publisher’s dialog, to open the editable file in Publisher.
Affinity Publisher

Serif’s Affinity Publisher logo

“… I also note that you have an Export route to the fairly new software … Affinity Publisher. And I suspect quite a lot of designers are tempted to check out an alternative to InDesign and, not least, else who might be not so happy with the Adobe subscription model.
I mean there has been lot of controversy over the years, whether that is reasonably priced. I can’t say. It’s a nice suite of software but, yeah, you are locked into a subscription model. But, anyway, for anyone who wants to look at alternatives, the IDMarkz is a bridge, to convert old legacy documents into other desktop application desktop publishing software. So, quite straight-forward and looked very handy to me.”

– Paul Lindström, Technical Editor, Journalist & Consultant, Digital Dots

Benefits of IDMarkz

• saves time, when you want to review, open, and import InDesign documents
• is a single, versatile macOS app for multiple InDesign file purposes
• saves graphic design costs, since it is a low-cost app that supports Adobe InDesign, without a Creative Cloud subscription

The IDMarkz app is easy to use, for opening a variety of files. Just drag and drop the file onto the “Drag and drop…” section of IDMarkz’s main window. Simple operation better enables InDesign file users to collaborate and share files with users of different file formats.

With IDMarkz, you can preview InDesign files or open them in:

• Acrobat and Annotate
• Affinity Publisher
• Illustrator
• InDesign’s earlier versions
• QuarkXPress

IDMarkz Export IDML [Light Theme]

IDMarkz Export IDML [Light Theme]

In addition, IDMarkz can export InDesign files as a:

• PDF with editable text

IDMarkz allows users to convert InDesign to IDML, independent of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. This Markzware application is much more cost-effective than manual and other expensive file-conversion methods.

Examples of File Formats in which IDMarkz can Open InDesign Files

Markzware’s IDMarkz converts InDesign file details, such as:

• blends
• colors
• images
• layers
• tables
• runarounds
• text attributes
• page positioning
• linked text boxes

Markzware IDMarkz macOS Submenu Banner black on white

Send files in your client’s preferred file format! IDMarkz speeds up production, by allowing you to get InDesign files into the optimum InDesign version or file format for the project.

How to Purchase IDMarkz

Markzware’s affordable IDMarkz Mac Subscription includes IDMarkz updates throughout your 12-month subscription term. Check out the IDMarkz page, for more information. To see more Markzware products, visit the Products page.

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How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in Affinity Publisher: IDMarkz macOS

Title: How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in Affinity Publisher: IDMarkz macOS
Published on: February 4, 2020
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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