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Preview, export, and convert PDF files on macOS! PDFMarkz is the next generation of Markzware conversion tools which go steps further than pure conversion. You can even open your .pdf files in other DTP applications!

Convert Multi-page PDFs to:
• Adobe InDesign
• Affinity Publisher
• QuarkXPress
• Adobe Illustrator
• and more...

Democratize your PDF content for professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) systems!

PDFMarkz is a full, native preview utility. That part is even free for any macOS user that needs to work with PDF files! You can preview the entire PDF document, even allowing you to zoom in and out on any page. You’ll also get a handy File Info window, like a mini preflight overview of the entire document. This is helpful before taking the next workflow steps with incoming or unknown .pdf files. For more standard product info, visit the PDFMarkz product page.

Why PDFMarkz

PDFMarkz is a stand-alone application. You do not need any Adobe or other DTP applications to convert your PDF documents into IDML, images, or stylized text for re-use. It even extracts images for you at the resolution used. Furthermore, some may ask,

But I can place a PDF in InDesign, so why PDFMarkz”?

Great question.

Although you can place a PDF in an InDesign document, it is only used as a flattened image. You can only even choose one page at a time to place! Hence, if all you need is an image, that is fine. However, if you want a multi-page, detailed PDF design to come back to life again in Adobe InDesign - you need PDFMarkz!

PDFMarkz will convert your PDF into InDesign or other DTP applications, such as Affinity Publisher via IDML, to actual replicas of the original! The thousands of happy PDF to InDesign users we have serviced over the years are amazed by this, but it works! In addition, PDFMarkz gets you a new DTP layout with layers, colors, images placed, and live text - no need for complicated PDF editors with PDFMarkz!

Democratize PDF content…

For Professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) Systems!

PDFMarkz will also allow you to “Open” the PDF in other DTP (desktop publishing) applications, including Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, and QuarkXPress, to name a few. It will convert all of the intricate details of your PDF file, such as:

• anchored boxes
• blends
• color models
• fonts
• images
• layers
• linked text boxes

• page positioning
• Pantone colors
• runarounds
• styles
• tables
• text attributes
• much more

Features and Benefits

Convert PDF files to other DTP file formats, Export, Preview, and more:

• Save PDF files as IDML (stand-alone)
• Export to IDML, PDF, and image formats
• Open or convert PDF to InDesign, Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, and Illustrator
• Preview PDF files
• Share pages of a PDF or entire files as images
• View File Info (mini preflight)
• Deal with tricky or corrupt PDFs
• Reduce time to re-create content
• Interchange PDF layouts in a design workflow

Pricing & availability

We offer two pricing options: a Perpetual (lifetime) version and a 12-month Subscription. The price is 299 Euro/USD for the Perpetual. The Subscription costs 199 Euro/USD. End users can purchase online via the product page or a local reseller in various countries worldwide. Resellers can purchase via our portal - email sales@markzware.com for details on how to become an authorized Markzware reseller.

PDFMarkz is sold per license/user. You can also order multi-seat licenses. See the product page for system requirements.

Press Releases

Customer Reviews

PDF to InDesign via the earlier product, PDF2DTP, which PDFMarkz replaced, was on the market for more than 10-years. It received countless positive product reviews and has a near 5-star average rating! Please check out all of the reviews over the years here. In addition, we have new reviews already coming in for PDFMarkz, which does effectively the same as what PDF2DTP did, but with many more conversion options!

It’s our secret weapon - Youtube Video Interview

- David D'Apice, The Simon Group


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PDFMarkz Introduction

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NFR Versions for Press Reviews

Press contacts, journalists, and trade publications can get NFR (Not For Resale) versions of our products to test for reviews. These are not to be used, in any shape or form, for commercial use. The best way to let your readers know how Markzware products work is to try it yourself.

To get a Markzware NFR product for review, complete, print, and sign the NFR Agreement form. Then, scan and email it to sales@markzware.com and we will get you the NFRs that you need (Please note which product(s) you need NFRs for and for which purpose).

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