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Happy New Year from Markzware

Happy preflight, layout conversion, file recovery and content extraction in 2010!

by David Dilling December 31, 2009 Company

Markzware looks forward to a great new year, helping you with preflight, file conversion, file recovery, and desktop publishing

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Search InDesign Files Spotlight with Markzware PageZephyr Search

Real Time Search Engine List with INDD file formats

by David Dilling December 11, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Markzware PageZephyr desktop search engine real time search and extract text Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress to publish to print or

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Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Content Specifier

Democratizing Content – New role for prepress

by David Dilling December 10, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Printers and especially prepress departments have a huge opportunity in non-print services, which helps to democratize content with PageZephyr.

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PageZephyr™ – Take Control of Your Data with New Desktop Search and Content Extraction

by David Dilling December 02, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Desktop content search extraction engine Markzware PageZephyr can find Adobe InDesign (INDD) file content to publish for less expense.

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All Markzware Products Promotions

Here’s 5 Great Deals in 4 Short Days from Markzware

by Mary Marchese November 24, 2009 Company

Markzware Thanksgiving discount coupon code: 30% off most Markzware products Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Markzware discount coupon

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Markzware Printed Business Card

BusinessCard v2.0 – does this replace the printed business card?

by David Dilling November 16, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

Business cards: FlightCheck preflighting solution for digital business cards. Avoid printing problems by preflighting before you print.

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Apple Macintosh SE30 9" Mono Screen and Modern Apple Mac

Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 7, "I’m Linux" – Friday Fun…

by David Dilling November 06, 2009 Company

Markzware offers desktop publishing software for both Mac and Windows platforms

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GATF's Top Ten Preflight Problems List

Printing Tips for Graphic Designers: color graphics printing perfectly

by Patty Talley November 03, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

Color images, using RGB images and FlightCheck: Preflight print with color mode for perfect print with RGB images, using Markzware

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Value of Digital Content that has been Printed

Content on E-Books; hot topic at this week’s Frankfurt Book Fair

by David Dilling October 27, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Markzware PageZephyr Search desktop search engine can do content search in Adobe InDesign (INDD) to find text for new content

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Twitter and the beta release of PageZephyr to search and index Adobe documents

by David Dilling October 15, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Content search engine technology PageZephyr will index desktop publishing file formats such as Adobe InDesign

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Kursiv FlightCheck Pro v6.5 upgrade CH

Cool preflight image: FlightCheck Pro prüft alle wichtigen Dokumentformate aus der Druckvorstufe

by David Dilling October 12, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

Swiss distributor Kursiv design image for a FlightCheck Professional v6.5 Swiss German mailing - great offers on Markzware FlightCheck

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WordPress or InDesign: Barbara Nixon, Communication Arts educator, GSUCLASS

WordPress or InDesign

by David Dilling October 12, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Markzware PageZephyr helps you content search Adobe InDesign (INDD) text to use for content creation and desktop publishing (DTP), including

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Non-PDF Ground Controls in Markzware FlightCheck

Adobe PDF, XPS and Word- Preflighting Solution

by David Dilling October 10, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

Preflight Adobe PDF via Markzware FlightCheck preflighting solution to ensure print quality. Check Adobe PDF and more file types. Free

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Markzware PageZephyr Search icon 256 x 256

If Content is King, then Content Conversion is the Prince

by David Dilling October 09, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Markzware PageZephyr desktop search engine can do content search in Adobe InDesign CS5, QuarkXPress and more proprietary files, plus edit,

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Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Example 4

Index, search and extract InDesign with PageZephyr

by David Dilling October 05, 2009 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)

Markzware PageZephyr desktop search can content search Adobe InDesign (INDD) text for desktop publishing (DTP) or print.

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Kodak Stand Print 2009 Chicago IL

Social Media Strategies for Printers and the Future of Printing

by David Dilling September 25, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

Digital media printers, print shops in the printing industry check digital printing graphics for quality control with Markzware FlightCheck.

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Preflight Print Color with Markzware FlightCheck

PRINT 09 – See Markzware’s New Hot Software Sauce

by David Dilling September 09, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

Markzware introduces at Print 09 new FlightCheck® preflight technology and PageZephyr™ for search, extraction and publishing file formats

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New Zealand, Kris Coppieters, Markzware- 2004

by David Dilling August 26, 2009 Company

Markzware Adventures in New Zealand, Kris Coppieters and Adobe InDesign plugins, Pub2ID (Publisher to InDesign) and Q2ID (Quark to InDesign)

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Sorting Images in Publishing with Markzware FlightCheck

How to Avoid Bad Desktop Publishing; DTP tips & tricks

by David Dilling August 24, 2009 FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

DTP tip to avoid bad desktop publishing is use Markzware FlightCheck preflight tool to check document elements, fonts and more

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Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign with Markzware Q2ID

Do FREE data conversion to Word services work?

by David Dilling August 20, 2009 Q2ID (Quark to InDesign)

Markzware Adobe InDesign Plugin or QuarkXPress XTension to convert files costs only 199 to convert Quark or convert Adobe InDesign

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