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Preflighting With FlightCheck

Preflighting is the process of checking a document prior to output, with the intention of catching potential problems, as early as possible. FlightCheck® is a stand-alone program that electronically implements this process.

Preflight Results Modes in FlightCheck

FlightCheck has two modes that you will discover during your user experience, after you launch the application to preflight a document. These modes are conveniently located, for easy access and each provide different information, for a specific purpose.

The user interface of Markzware’s FlightCheck application now has two results modes for preflighting:
• Preflight Mode
• Inventory Mode

Together, FlightCheck’s complementary Preflight and Inventory Modes provide a full inspection and analysis of either the document or files that you are preflighting, for thorough quality control.

1. Preflight Mode – This view is designed to show you what items were flagged in your file, based on which FlightCheck Ground Controls were set. The Preflight mode provides a list of problems detected, which fall into document categories, including Print, Colors, Fonts, and Images.

And as a very special bonus, FlightCheck will provide a “Preflight Score,” based on which items were selected (within the Ground Control settings) to be preflighted. This FlightCheck Approval score indicates the print-readiness of your native or PDF document.

2. Inventory Mode – This view adds a rich dimension to the user experience, while engaging in the preflighting processes. The Inventory view provides specific information regarding the attributes of the contents of your page layout document.

This information is broken down into categories or sections, each displaying different information about the document. FlightCheck Inventory Mode will give you a complete list of the elements of your graphic design document.

The Inventory sections will change, depending on the type of document you are viewing (such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and PDF documents). For instance, you can view and arrange, the main document categories, which include File, Page Info, Fonts, Color, and Images. Finally, you can re-order the Inventory sections, by selecting the hamburger (3-dot) drop-down menu, to customize your preflight experience.

The functionality of these two modes provides a very efficient methodology to view the data in your file(s). You can then make immediate changes, within FlightCheck, saving valuable time and money. For further details, watch the overview video about FlightCheck Preflight & Inventory Modes (below), for preflight users in graphic arts.

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Preflight Software Details

Learn more about Markzware FlightCheck, the stand-alone preflight application to ensure quality print-ready documents for printing, publishing, and graphic design workflows: https://markzware.com/products/flightcheck/

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Video: FlightCheck Preflight & Inventory Modes – Overview video

This video illustrates how to switch from Preflight to Inventory Mode,
in Markzware’s preflight application, FlightCheck.

Preflight Mode & Inventory Mode: FlightCheck Preflighting Results Modes

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