Discover How To
Import Or Place A Multi Page PDF
Into Adobe InDesign!

2 Methods That Illustrate How To Import
Or Place Multi-Page PDFs Into InDesign:

Let’s start by making a brand new Adobe InDesign document.
Choose either Letter or A4 size.
These are the most common page sizes.

The Native InDesign Method:

The common way to place a Multi-page PDF in Adobe InDesign is via Windows -> Utilities -> Scripts menu item.
Next, choose “Application” and select “Samples” -> AppleScripts -> PlaceMultipagePDF.applescript.
Now, double-click that item and choose your multi-page PDF file.
You will see the document Opens within InDesign, page by page.

However, notice that the ability to adjust the “Image” or to edit “Text” is not enabled.
Click on the link, to show information about the entire PDF document, which is not an individual “placed” Page.

The Markzware Method With PDFMarkz:

Notice when you navigate to the Contextual Menu, you can select “Edit With” and choose PDFMarkz.

Let’s Quit InDesign and Open PDFMarkz.
Now, drag the same document that you opened onto the PDFMarkz Window.
You will see PDFMarkz provides information about the PDF, such as: File Size, Created and Modified Dates, Number of Pages and Spreads, Number of Colors, Fonts, and more.

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Now, just click “InDesign” and your PDF file is now transformed into a brand new, 100%-fully-editable InDesign layout!

The option of using PDFMarkz to place a multi-page pdf into InDesign provides the ability to:
• Swap out and change images, styles, and colors.
• Make Global Text Changes.
• Access all Layers within the InDesign document.

Note that PDFMarkz is a stand-alone application that does not require any plug-in.
Additionally, you can drag and drop Adobe Illustrator files onto PDFMarkz, to get a Preview and Conversion Options.

You will notice the fidelity of the document is very similar to the original.
However, it is important to visually proof the layout, as there may be minor touch-ups required.

Try the preview-only version for FREE.
Click here to download the PDFMarkz Freebie, now!

Markzware PDFMarkz Start Editing Your Multi-Page PDF Files in InDesign, Today!

Video: How To Place A Multi Page PDF In InDesign

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Learn how to easily import and place a multi page PDF file into an Adobe InDesign layout.

How to Place a Multi Page PDF in InDesign

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