How To Export Affinity Publisher Files To Adobe InDesign: Convert AFPUB To INDD via PDFMarkz

How To Export
Affinity Publisher Files To Adobe InDesign:
Convert AFPUB To INDD via PDFMarkz

Markzware PDFMarkz Interface Preview PDF Files

Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign are desktop publishing apps used by graphic designers, creatives, and marketers, to create captivating digital layouts, print layouts, and publications. PDFMarkz can help you to transfer document content from an .AFPUB document to a .INDD document, for editing within Adobe InDesign.

Instructions For How To Export Affinity Publisher To Adobe InDesign, With PDFMarkz

  1. In the Affinity Publisher menu, click “File” then click “Export”.
  2. Choose PDF for Print (ensure it’s a high-quality PDF) and Right-click “Export”.
  3. In the Adobe InDesign menu, click “Markzware” and select “Convert PDF Document”.
  4. Choose the file and click “Open”.

Video: Export from Affinity Publisher to InDesign, how-to

This video gives you steps to use Markzware’s PDFMarkz application to convert a
document from Affinity Publisher to InDesign for to streamline collaborative
workflows, preferred design processes, or printing requirements.

File Conversion Software For Affinity Publisher & Adobe InDesign Users

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How do we get all of the marketing material we made in Affinity Publisher, editable and usable in Adobe InDesign? It’s really simple. It’s just, basically, two steps. Let me show you.

Okay. So, here we are in Affinity Publisher, and what we’re going to do now is show you how to get this Affinity Publisher document into Adobe InDesign. It’s really simple.

We go up, here, to File. We go to Export. We choose PDF. Make sure it’s a PDF for Print or, in any event, that it’s a high-quality PDF. Right click Export.

Now, we can go into Adobe InDesign 2024. In this case, I’m still using 2023. I just go in InDesign to Markzware > Convert PDF Document. I can now choose the file. Click Open.

So, it’s that easy, with Markzware, to convert under the Markzware menu item, in InDesign, once you have purchased PDFMarkz, to convert a PDF document, just by clicking that, clicking the PDF you wish to convert, in this case, the Affinity Publisher PDF.

Your file, now right in Adobe InDesign, which was just over here, in Affinity Publisher, is now right over here, in Adobe InDesign. If you go in there, edit, and took out word support. So, we just want to adjust the facts. We want to swap out and put in the correct images, etc., etc.

So, now, we have a totally new Adobe InDesign file. And, if you can imagine, if this was a multi-page file, how useful this would be. The PDFMarkz will import or convert entire PDFs, right into fully-editable InDesign files, with layers, font styles, live text, like you just saw. So, that’s how easy it is, to take your old material that you’ve created in Affinity Publisher and get it into Adobe InDesign, for other colleagues or other workflows that might require that.

For more information on Markzware’s product, cruise on over to, today. Thank you, everybody. David Dilling for Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day! Take care. [Music]

How To Export Affinity Publisher Files To Adobe InDesign: Convert AFPUB To INDD via PDFMarkz

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